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2/15/2022 c1 2yarnfan4life
Love it please write more
2/22/2011 c1 51A-very-supernatural-fan
I really loved the story. Have always wanted someone to write about what happened right after Sam and John's fight. Well done :)

Og så er det da bare et mega plus, at du er fra Danmark. Awesome ;P
10/5/2008 c1 13sayrae3times
Oh, this was so great! All hail the angst! Loved John, loved Dean, but I especially loved Sam. You did Sam perfectly in this fic - emotional but not weepy or a big baby. There's a delicate balance in there and you nailed it. It's so like Sam to blame himself for not getting there in time. And it's so like John to tell Sam he can't go on a hunt b/c he can't follow an order. I loved how Dean planted himself behind Sam there towards the end, silently choosing sides. Great work!
8/30/2008 c1 107kirallie
Good work! Sam took a werewolf on his own? Neat. Nice way for him to have met Jess.
6/23/2008 c1 Helle Busk
Could you soon finish the next chapter.. I can't wait for what happens next - so can you please post the next chapter really really soon... :-)

I just love your writing.
5/4/2008 c1 38Ihni
Ah ... *content sigh* You know, things would be a lot easier for those Winchesters if they just SAID everything they were thinking. But then again, it wouldn't make people write wonderful stories like this one.
4/6/2008 c1 2wolfGirl812
You know I always wondered what happened after the fight, I can picture that happening I guess.

awesome job

:D :D :D :D :D :D
3/2/2008 c1 17bananaandbooks
Oh YAY!...A sequel...I'm so happy!

Love the story a lot. glad that John knew what happened and that changed his attitude. Love how Dean stood up for Sammy and yeah he's always there for you Sam! :D Aw...poor Sammy all hurt and sad and scared that John would hate him *sniff* (I have to find those tissues lol)

Thanks you so much for the story. Hope you'll write more soon..

Keep up the awesome job girl.


3/1/2008 c1 16Ms Hobgoblin
Nice one-shot. Fits in perfectly with both the tv episode and your other story.

Well written.

Hob x
2/29/2008 c1 1romi.luvz.jared
jst marvellous piece of writing..i will b total honest with u-ur story brought tears 2 my eyes.really! i was sobbing when sammy was in a dilema about how john would react knowing the truth! jst superb! but girl u really raised my interest abt wat actually happened with the werewolf n the skinwalker hunt! neways keep up with ur gr8 work!

xx hugs.. romi xx
2/29/2008 c1 64TraSan

You sneak - you opened up the gates for another story (the werewolf story - wanna hear that!).


I remember this line so distinctly:

”You’re the one who said don’t come back, Dad. You’re the one who closed that door, not me! You were just pissed off you couldn’t control me anymore!”

I remember sitting back in my chair and thinking, "Whoa! Sammy is a scary guy when he's angry." That deep bellow. Oof.

And I think it was an excellent starting point for the story as it instantly took me to the right time and place for the events about to unfold to begin.

I'm so glad Dean urged Sam to tell their Dad about the Palo Alto hunt and that John finally was able to at least start to see Sam as an adult instead of a rebellious teenager.

This was my favorite passage and I think because Dean was standing up for Sam, John was coming to a slow realization of how wrong he was and Sam was scared of losing his Dad again altogether. So much going on, so much emotion and all of it tied up in just three or four sentences:

"Dean took a deep breath, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to escape the questioning. “You heard me. If it hadn’t been for Sam, we’d both be dead now. Would’ve been gone for years, actually.”

“What do you mean?” John’s voice was quiet, low.

Before he could answer, Dean heard his brother’s voice, low as their father’s, pleading.

“Dean, don’t.”

Dean heard the fear in Sam’s voice, recognising it from that day months earlier when Sam told him about that hunt, but he knew there was no going back now, that if he didn’t tell their father about it now, the rift between John and Sam might never be healed."

2/29/2008 c1 83sammygirl1963
Aww. I had to feel sorry for Sam, so worried that his father would hate him for good if the truth came out about that hunt so long ago!
2/29/2008 c1 88darksupernatural
Great story Abni. I'm so glad I found it. I love the work that you do with Muffy too and Am hoping for more on that soon.
2/29/2008 c1 friendly
good job.. that was really good..
2/29/2008 c1 Alanna Zaben
I just reread your first story yesterday, and then today I find that you wrote a sequel! Happy day! Ohh, I love the Sammy-angst, and Dean standing up for his little bro was lovely! I adore it when Daady!Winchester gets put in his place!

However, I still think that there are lots of loose ends that simply need to be tied up. Yep, lots of them. It should only require about three or four more stories to satisfy your fans I should! But seriously, I loved your first story, I LOVE this one, and I know that I would love anymore you should pop out! Sp please, WRITE!


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