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4/16/2016 c4 vecabd
This was so sweet ! specially this last chapter. Logan was so in love with these two girls. I try to be objective when talking about the difference between Logan and Lily's relationship vs Logan and Veronica's relationship...but i can't :) Logan really loved Lily but it was not a healthy relationship for him. It was more of the same pattern, someone being abused, letting him be abused by someone else. In this case .. Lily.

I'd love to see more of young Logan being protective of Veronica. You beautifully showed it here.

I don't want to leave without saying something about Parker and Piz chapters. Veronica knew that Piz was going to watch those tapes. she did that on purpose to have some excuse to fight with him and break up. And I really believed that Parker was more intelligent than what she ended up being in the show. She knew that Logan and Veronica were in love, she knew that because she went to ask for Veronica's permission to date Logan... like really? So, i'm sorry that she found out Logan watching those tapes.. but not sorry.

Great story, I want more memories.. we who leave feedback are a bit pushy and demanding :)
9/14/2014 c4 Lunky
I love this story and love how you told it backwards. Kudos!
8/30/2013 c4 1Mischief101
I really like this story. I wish there was more
6/11/2013 c4 Lady Greenwood
LoVe this story xx
11/23/2011 c4 15HoneyBee1
Kinda feel sorry for Piz and Parker... They really can't compete.
11/3/2011 c4 3edwardfiend
Really really enjoyed this! :)
1/23/2011 c4 23Nerdyesque
Fantastic rewind! I love how it shows a happy memory for LoVe, even if it's bittersweet for Parker and Piz.
12/1/2009 c4 4Tearle
I loved this! It was great the way you went backwards, adding to the video each time, really added a lot to the story and emotions behind the video.
3/4/2008 c4 10GlitterFairyPrincess
Not gonna lie. I miss The Return. That said, THIS IS FABULOUS! Oh man, I loved every part of it. The way you write Logan and Veronica as a married couple is awesome. That interaction was perfect, though almost sad that they don't get to see enough of each other. I loved that you started there and went backwards. The only tiniest thing I wished was different was bringing it back to LoVe at the end...but at the same time, I love your ending.
3/1/2008 c4 Isilady
really good story... update soon
2/29/2008 c4 Jenn6891
i'm kinda confused your story has complete on it, but it's left at a strange place. i hope there is more to this story.

update soon.
2/29/2008 c4 6Beccakell13

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