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for Leaving Childhood on the Train

6/18/2009 c8 openwindow
ah! please please update this soon! and perhaps katie will swoop in and save the day? lol
6/18/2009 c6 openwindow
hahahahaha man that's SO oliver! XD
6/4/2009 c8 16DarkAngelPearl
Interesting. I do hope you can update soon!

12/29/2008 c8 17Laelyn24
Ooh, that Lindsay! It was a nice touch though, having someone be interested in Oliver. I like that he didn't care for it much when she called him Ollie.

So, when you write the rest of this story, I just wanted to let you know that all the Quidditch words need to be capitalized: Chaser, Bludger, Beater, Snitch, Quaffle, Quidditch, Keeper, Seeker. :) You have to write more, but no pressure.

12/29/2008 c7 Laelyn24
Great exchange between Oliver and Cedric! And Katie, well I just hope she figures things out soon enough! Poor Oliver.

So, I really do love the whole idea for this story. You've done really well with Oliver's character, especially his thoughts.

Reading this really makes me want to write my Oliver story. One thing, I found funny, when thinking about my story, is that I have Oliver's father protrayed in a completely different light. It was interesting to read him as you portrayed him though, because it is so different. (I know he wasn't in this Chapter, but I had to share that with you.)

Anway, I have to read Chapter 8, as I just realized there was a Chapter 8! Haha.

12/29/2008 c6 Laelyn24
Yay! A little fit of clapping for that last line. I loved it! I never really thought of anyone writing to Oliver to tell him that they cancelled Quidditch that year. I could see it happening though, because he is such a die hard.

12/29/2008 c5 Laelyn24
I really like this description:

“Ouch!” Katie cried out and rubbed the back of her head, which had been introduced to the coffee table when she landed.

Oliver is ticklish and giggles like a girl! Hahahaha! CUTE!

Friend! Really, Katie? That is the worst possible thing she could have said! Gosh, I hope she comes to her senses. You don't just make out with your friends. :)

12/29/2008 c4 Laelyn24
Ooh, they are Apparating together. I also hope they don't get splinched. Yikes! I really like that you've elaborated on Oliver's experiences at the QWC. You did a really nice job with his parents' reaction to the Death Eater attack. And of course, him and Katie are going to find themselves alone! :) Where are they going? Oliver's flat perhaps?

12/29/2008 c3 Laelyn24

“Have you gone mental, Oliver? Did someone put a silencing charm on you, and we broke the spell or what? I don’t think you’ve ever said that many words all at once in your entire life.” claimed George.

“Unless it was a pre-match pep talk” Fred offered.

Katie and Oliver are just too cute. I like that he is slowly realizing how much he likes Katie.

12/29/2008 c2 Laelyn24
Yay! Puddlemere! I had a little cheering moment for that! I thought it was cute of Oliver's father to buy the QWC tickets as a gift.

Hooray, Oliver is a Keeper on the reserve team!

I love Oliver's dad! Haha, telling the Muggles! That was a nice little touch.

You've done an excellent job getting inside Oliver's head. :) Onward for more!

12/29/2008 c1 Laelyn24
Fantastic beginning to this story. I think you captured Oliver's thoughts/emotions really well. I like the bit about looking out the window and watching Hogwarts gets smaller and smaller. That was nice imagery. Oh, and Oliver still hanging on to his beloved Quidditch playbook!

I love the Oliver/Katie pairing. Very cute!

I did see a few punctuation things, but nothing too serious.

I can't wait to see what lies ahead for them.

8/4/2008 c8 SingingBird812
That last part with the Beaters was hilarious! I really like this story; it's interesting. :)
7/20/2008 c8 The Bold and the Brave
Yay, update!

Oliver is making his way up the professional Quidditch ladder. :) I can tell the Lindsay character is going to be trouble, haha. I hope that Katie makes an appearance soon!

Anyways, another fantastic chapter!
7/15/2008 c8 6heyyodude


um ok

1. Lindsay needs to find a new hotsman scotsman to lust over, Katie already shottyed Olls.

2. Oliver neds to realize that Katie LOVE HIM BACK!

3. awh, i miss Ced
7/15/2008 c8 13Mariano's-twins
I likes it :)

Update soon!

-The twins
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