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for Tourian: The Final Fight

9/3/2008 c1 12Terrapin44
I've always liked this story. I'm very happy to see it here on this website. I always liked the way the final fight was portrayed, in the 'eyes' of both opponents.

Of course, it's been awhile since I've read the original version, so I don't exactly know how much of it is edited. I've noticed subtle changes here and there, but other than that...

And it goes without saying that my mind sort of wanders to this fic when I get to that particular part in the game. I like when that happens. 'An entire epic in around seven minutes of gameplay'.

Very cool work, to both authors.
6/10/2008 c1 metalon
Um... That's actually quite a funny ending. I've played and beaten Super Metroid before, and... That area at the bombs, doesn't collapse, and unfortunately, you can't follow the etecoons. You escape in your own ship... But man, THAT would be a hilaroius ending to see, awesome. THat bird... Flying THAT high... Just plain funny.

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