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11/20/2017 c1 Guest
You're shipping too hard. Stop. They. Are. Kids.

You hear me?

But good story
10/21/2013 c1 Ready to fly
:( oh no now your gonna make me cry. That was a really good story the ending was really great too. That one unanswered question didn't really need to be answered they already knew it deep down. They never have to grow up. I loved this
7/18/2010 c1 Jade
This is extremely well written and touching. Great work. You captured the characters and the fear of looming teenage-ism so perfectly.
4/24/2010 c1 3Escape my reality
loved the chat between numbah 5 and cree:) good job!
4/4/2010 c1 3GlacierBlueRose
Very nicely written. I enjoyed reading every second of it. Keep up the great job at writing. You have a very good eye for details.
8/25/2009 c1 hkdk
awesome! loved it.
1/25/2009 c1 15x-xMasqueradeAngelx-x
I really enjoyed that, it was a carefully thought out portrayal of how Nigel would comfort Abby. I really loved it, it was enough to make me almost well up. Really well done, I have a fanfic that I'm writing called "duty of the heart" which has Abby and Nigel as an eventual pairing :) give it a read if you like, well done! x
5/2/2008 c1 HuniBunchoSoul
Aw! ^_^ There were few spelling/grammatical errors here and there, but overall, I liked the sentimentality of Numbuh Five's birthday, the estranged yet covertly endearing realtionship with Cree, and the 1/5 interaction. I though you caught and described the emotions well, making Abby's plight empathetic. Excellent :)


4/27/2008 c1 3Munchie BayBee
This is so very good.

Please update soon!
3/24/2008 c1 12YusukiShredder
YAY! That was so cool!
3/19/2008 c1 4lemony anemone
very nice
3/13/2008 c1 9Mushawuff
Wow...so flawless and beautifully written.

Deserves a fave XD
3/12/2008 c1 11it's simply me
Great! I absolutely loved it! You should totally write more! Once again, fantastic.
3/6/2008 c1 4SerenitySoldier97

This is just too cute!

We all can stay kids as long as we want!

Awesome story!
3/3/2008 c1 47anonymousreader07
Aw!Can't we all just stay kids?=) Very sweet fic.
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