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for Naruto's New Life

1/22/2014 c5 llazo4108822
I love this fanfic and you should make more chapters pleases.
11/20/2012 c5 Random Chick
In the story of the Lost Hero you made the role of Naruto WAAAAAYYYY too obvious. Just saying. Other than that and spelling mistakes, your story is good. Please continue.
11/20/2012 c2 Random Chick
It's Rookie 9 and Konoha 12. Gai's team graduated the year before them so they are not rookies so the correct names would be Rookie 9 and Konoha 12
3/31/2011 c4 5Tsukuyomi the prototype
do you mind if i take the quote "the lost hero of konoha" as my title for my fanfic it just sounds right so i need to know if you mind
7/2/2008 c4 2Sacred Beast117

that...i cried during this story it was so sad

please if you could continue this i really do like it
6/26/2008 c4 vash3055
this chapter is a bit vague
3/4/2008 c3
Your' grammar sucks, as does your' spelling, you got every name wrong, and if you can't read the words that are more than four letters in this message, I hope you die because Earth doesn't need you to contamimate the gene pool with your' idiocy. Feel free to e-mail me on the address in the name slot.
3/2/2008 c4 2THE HEE-HO KING
WOW that was awesome and scary at the same time Hinata is scary when she is mad I can actually see this happening keep up the good work till next time ja
3/2/2008 c3 THE HEE-HO KING
Here is how to spell it KYUU-NINE BI-BIJUU KYUUBI just a little breakdown on the actual meaning and spelling easy to remember love the story so far keep it up
3/2/2008 c4 vnvanman
The question was will Naruto save or destroy Konoha. I prefer the latter. Their nightmare should become a reality, their fucking precious village and all they held dear destroyed by a demon. But not the Kyuubi, a demon that they created, a demon born from mankind's hatrad and ignorance. A fitting end for Konoha, digging their own grave one shovel at a time. Stupidity and ignorance are no excuse for their crimes. But before they all die, they must see truth of who Naruto really is, a innoecent child who was tortured by the real demons. Truth before regret, regret before death.

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