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for Halo: Finishing the Fight

1/19 c15 mccoogsamuel
I like your canon more than 343's canon regarding where humans come from.
1/11 c3 Cooldude101011
Warthogs run on hydrogen and i think it can automatically separate the hydrogen from water for use. It literally just requires water. It’s probably the same with the scorpion at least
1/11 c1 Cooldude101011
Arbiters name is Thel Vadam/ee
1/8 c1 mccoogsamuel
thank you. if I had never read this story I would have never found my love for both halo and d&d. so I thank you for this master piece of a fanfic.
10/10/2020 c47 questorimperialis102296
Drows: finally rebuilds their army ready for revenge

*an army of spartans waiting to give them another reality check*

Drows: suprised pikachu face
8/14/2020 c47 liuhong2001
Brilliant story, although I thought Johnson was born and grew up in Chicago?
6/17/2020 c47 JuicyFruits123
I can honestly say this is probably the only actually reasonable and believable blend of a more modern/futuristic universe and one that is in a medieval/fantasy setting. The guns are powerful compared to many of the medieval weapons and armors like they probably would be in real life, but they're not so overpowered that it makes every firefight boring. It's a pretty hard to pull off this sort of cross between worlds in different ages, and I feel that your worldbuilding was really great.
4/18/2020 c47 3Barricade
You just have to love the reviews from people thinking they're smarter than you in calling out 'errors', and yet they never once noticed WHEN was the date you started this fic. In that you started it so far back it pre-dates so many, many, of the newest canon sources within Halo. Such as how the newest novel back then was the original version (the pre-Travesty 'enhanced' version) of Ghosts of Onyx. Before Bungie split in to 343 Studios. Back when it was legitimately thought that the Forerunners were ancient humanity, and not a different species entirely.
4/16/2020 c3 1Kesharrad
Isn't the Arbiter's name Thel'Vadamee or something of that nature ?
3/10/2020 c47 10Just a Crazy-Man
Nicely done as always
1/19/2020 c19 Guest
I’m not going to finish reading this. I understand that as an AU and a Crossover, things will be different than canon. However, I find there are far too many inaccuracies. Mainly names. How could you get not one, but two of the most influential figures in the Halo games wrong? The Arbiter is Thel Vadam, and he dropped the “ee” suffix after leaving the Covenant. Getting the Didact wrong isn’t that surprising if you haven’t read the Forerunner Saga books but really, Google exists. And he doesn’t look like a human, he looks like a Forerunner. Because he’s a *Forerunner*. I love what you’ve done with Johnson’s character, though. I didn’t think he could get anymore badass, but he’s now a Spartan 1 and an ODST? Wicked. He and Keyes absolutely deserved better, and I feel like her death wasn’t really necessary or justified in the games, so I’m very happy you revived them. Her character is also great, she’s personified as a capable professional who may have outshined her father, but they don’t really show that in the games. You show it here, and I can just feel the respect given to her by the others. All in all, this is an amazing fix and fun to read, but I just love canon accuracies (and names) and lore too much; I don’t think I can finish this without my annoyance in the inaccuracies distracting me from the story. This ain’t my cup of tea, but you’re doing a great job, and should be proud.
1/19/2020 c18 Guest
The Didacts’ (yes, both) wife was the Lifeshaper, the Librarian. Also, Mendicant Bias didn’t go rampant, he was infected by the Logic Plague; the method used by the Flood and its Graveminds to infect inorganic intelligences (AIs and ancillas).
1/19/2020 c18 Guest
Only humans are known as Reclaimers because they were the ones to claim the Mantle of Responsibility from the Precursors before the Forerunners stole it and accidentally created the Flood. Also, only Warrior-Servants were fighters out of the different rates of Forerunners. And Flood Pure Forms only happens when the Gravemind has amassed enough biomass to create them. It took the infection of the entirety of High Charity for this to occur.
1/19/2020 c17 Guest
The Flood was called either just the Flood or the Shaping Sickness by the Forerunners, not “Omega Strain”.
1/19/2020 c17 Guest
The first Gravemind was not actually a Flood form; it was the last Precursor, whom was preserved and imprisoned in a sort of stasis until it was captured by the Master Builder and then freed by Mendicant Bias, after he fell victim to the Logic Plague.
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