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2/11/2002 c1 18Deena15
Wow! This be good! Ice cream? In winter? Growlie was right...that is wierd...but so am I, I had ice cream last Saturday! Which reminds me, never have a whole bucket of chocolate-chip cookie dough...blech...I don't think I'll have another cookie for a LONG time...keep up the good work!=^.^=
9/25/2001 c1 Snow7
Hey, Des! How could I possibly resist reviewing a fic with my name in it? And especially about James? I think this was so cute and well written! The descriptions are short and sweet, and I could easily finish before I started my day! Are you gonna continue or what? I'd love to read more about what Growly is thinking - and poor James! being with that psycho and all~! Loved it! ^_^
9/24/2001 c1 6RandomBabbling
Okaaaayyyy...Not what I was expecting...

Never mind. Any 'fic about James' past is normally good. People always tend to ignore it.

Good 'fic anyways. ^_^
9/23/2001 c1 Nightsong
Um, yeah that's pretty interesting. Funny, too. "Eww..." Heh. Anyway, are you going to continue this? Hope so. Later.
9/22/2001 c1 57Martial Arts Master
This was interesting. I don't think an Oddish would have been affected that much by water, though. Remember, Water attacks don't work very well against Grass-type Pokemon, and Oddish is a combination Grass/Poison type.
9/21/2001 c1 3ShadowShifter
Heheheee...interesting :) Growlie = cute. Cutely written too. Also I know about all the i before e rules but I'm sure weird is an exception. Though you could always go with wyrd - cant go wrong there ;) *shuts up now and goes to get some more sleep*

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