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10/13/2012 c3 8Secret world
loved it
8/19/2008 c12 BookSquared
Storys take time. I've been a Member for almost a year and i still haven't even realy started my story! I feel that story's are difficult because they have so much of their writer in them. your story is amazing and you should keep writing.

Have fun, and it'll be worth it!

8/1/2008 c12 15Hazelcloud
I'm so glad that everyone seems happy now.
7/4/2008 c10 BookSquared
Well maybe merick could kill whosoever Kidnapped Miss Alex (force of habit but im just gonna call her Alex...) And they could runn away and die or something... anyways update soon...


6/25/2008 c10 Hazelcloud
Great chapter! Adding kidnappers sure keeps the story interesting. I do hope that you decide to continue.
6/25/2008 c10 5Mephis85
awesome i love this story and since i love the eragonx alexine pair it would be cool if eragon found her and saved her lolz hope you continue
6/13/2008 c9 BookSquared
WOW she sure is a mean daughter... but then who can blame her with a father like that... I LOVE IT! I need more SOON!


6/13/2008 c9 1Avenging Rose of Death
Hm...interesting. I came up with an idea like this, but the only thing the same is that Galby has a daughter and Eragon likes her lol. Update soon, its good!
6/6/2008 c9 15Hazelcloud
Eww, that's cruel, a hug and then you're dead, it sounds like some horror movie. I hope Alexine is a better ruler than Galbatorix!
6/4/2008 c1 1My Little Mogar
the horse was a dark brown colt I think
6/3/2008 c9 4LM1991
Alexine is a little bit scary when she's like this... I mean, she's willing to KILL HER OWN FATHER! It's only in blood, I know, and she hates him, but how can she be so cold about it?

Maybe you could throw some random people (OC's) in the story to make it more interesting? Maybe some REAL kidnappers who decide to bugger Alexine...?

I hope you'll update soon!


6/1/2008 c8 15Hazelcloud
Wow, a princess! That's amazing!
6/1/2008 c8 4LM1991
...Wow. Unexpected. Please continue, I love your story!
5/31/2008 c8 Stardragon


I hope your story is long!
5/29/2008 c2 Dragon Lover
Hatter M,

your story is awesome, keep on writing!
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