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8/5/2014 c12 Guest
Loved it! But to me that seems like a to be continued but I can Imagine the rest.I know this is pretty big for a favor but...could you make a fannfictio like this about Rachel and Tobias ( from the tv show animorphs) or jelsa ( elsa from frozen and jack frost from rise of the guardians plz plz plz! ! -kittycatz255:-);-):-D
8/4/2014 c1 Guest
I havent read ur fanfiction yet but I will in 30min cant wait till then-kittycatz255:-);-):-D
10/25/2013 c12 1Sheikah Chick
I don't know about anyone else, but I loved this story! I could just see it in an episode! *jumping with excitement* And it's true, Theresa is always the one in danger. The episode "little box of horrors" was just plain dumb. It was interesting when Atlanta got hurt though. Anyway, I LOVED YOUR STORY! ;D
9/29/2013 c8 pinkpaws7602
my favorite part:

So about those anger management classes-" Neil started.

"Don't push it." Jay said

xD your series rock!
9/29/2013 c7 pinkpaws7602
my favorite part:

This is driving me crazy! She could dead by now because we are too slow to track a person!" Jay growled.

"Jay, I suggest you go get a hot chocolate," Neil said. "Or, here's an idea, sign up for anger management classes."

"I. Don't. Have. Anger. Issues," Jay said through gritted teeth.

"Sure you don't...
9/29/2013 c2 pinkpaws7602
Love it! :)
9/20/2013 c12 Grace
AWESOME! You should write another one like Jay is screaming Theresa's name like a crazy psycho before she completely blacks out. I like those stories... :D Keep it up!
5/21/2012 c12 Death Dragon Rose
This is one of the best stories of class of the titans ive eva read just dont to into detail sometimes or you'll bore the storyXD
3/8/2009 c12 shadowthief13cott
I'm liking the story so far... but can't Theresa remember that Persephone has it?

Seriously... And i thought I had a bad memory... Must have something to do with that gash...

3/5/2009 c6 Guest
very cool story. keep it up.
3/2/2009 c12 3halfbl00dprincess
Heya! Well done you completed the story! kudos bery clever! heehee

1st - OMG shock horror gasp! the necklace... your planning something... *pyschic lol

2nd - theresa's back pain issue its really funny because when I was reading it an advertisment popped um saying "Back pain gone in just days... grab your free back pain relief kit" i think Theresa needs to click it... lol

3rd - i loved this story and hopeing for a sequel or whatever!

cheers bella x =]
3/1/2009 c12 Baeden
Well done! This was a great story, and I look forwards to more of them from you!
3/1/2009 c12 8Tinian I'att
Theresa date Neil? In what strange reality would that be possible? Neil's so self-obsessed he'd probably never even consider it an option.

Cronus needs to get a grip. Seriously, his plans just seem to get more and more unlikely all the time. As if he hasn't already tried everything a million times. You'd think he'd just give up, but he just keeps coming up with increasingly ridiculous schemes that never pan out.

Too bad this story's over it was pretty exciting, but you did leave room for a sequel if you wanted to write one.
3/1/2009 c12 5Goddess95
Wow... great story! You've finally finished it! Your going to make a sequel... right? PLEASE make a sequel!

lol anyway, i love how this story went up and down witht he suspense, romance, drama and action!

double thumbs up (y)(y)- *msn... thumbs*

write soon

Goddess95 :)
1/29/2009 c11 8Tinian I'att
Interesting chapter. Theresa may have a point about them underestimating Cronus. I don't think Jay has to worry about Theresa falling for Neil. Neil's in love with himself and I think Theresa has more sense than to get involved with him.
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