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1/29/2009 c11 Baeden
That was great! Bet Jay gets either punished (by Hera) or kissed (by Theresa).
1/2/2009 c10 Bella-Emerald-Eyes
Hey! Awesome STORY! its maddness! i love it and can't wait till you update! I am actually Bella-Emerald-Eyes but i forgot my login stuff so thats just in case your wondering! lol

Love your work! PLEASE UPDATE!

Bella x :) :D :P
1/1/2009 c10 8Tinian I'att
I guess Cronus' powers aren't what they used to be. I don't know what made him think he could turn Theresa against her friends in the first place, you'd think he'd have more sense.

Oh boy, Theresa's in a tight spot now. Her friends better get Hermes to open a portal pronto or she'll be a pancake. Update soon and Happy New Year!
1/1/2009 c10 Baeden
The greatness! It's too fabulous for my eyes! -blinded-

That was awesome, but WTH happened to Cronus?
1/1/2009 c10 259The Last Letter
The sotry is really good, and so is the plot. I don't have any ideas, but try not to make it to expected. The Jay thing kind of was, but it was still good and well written out!

12/21/2008 c8 emzyxoxo
love it, please continue it,it rocks!
11/6/2008 c9 4ZialiciousBabeeey.x
Well...maybe u could...erm...well...write...maybe...

10/7/2008 c9 Baeden
What if, Teresa attacked and she... maybe hurt Archie and then Atlanta got ticked off and tried to fight back but Teresa beats her because when she's about to finish it Jay yells at her to stop so she gets distracted and knocked out... Then she goes up to Neil and scares him and he faints (for laughs) and Jay is yelling at her to stop the whole time but then Herry tries to attack her and he loses but Oddie and Jay escape with some genius Oddie move and Teresa brings the others back to Cronus from whom they need rescuing.
10/7/2008 c9 259The Last Letter
This is just really out of the blue but . . . Cronus could get Theresa pregnant. On another note Cronus could capture the gang and Theresa is supposed to kill them and they have to get her to snap out of it before she chops them to pieces.
10/7/2008 c9 4evacrazy
umm... well you kind of left it off at a fight scene... so you could have it, all her friends get knocked out... jays still standing, for a moment she's good, then goes back to evil, jay can't stand to hur her, so she almost hurts him, then out of nowhere herry rams into her then joined by atlanta and archie... she flees because of the surprise attack? just an idea i guess... i've kinda had a bit of writters block of my own
10/6/2008 c9 Chelsea
I think you should just leave King and Queen. Don't be offended, I just think it's going nowhere. I'm not trying to be mean, so forgive me if I hurt your feelings. Anyways, yeah, I think you should just leave King and Queen because you can't think of anything else and as I said earlier it's going nowhere and start on

a new story, like the one on your profile called When Depression Takes Over. I am really interested in the

summery of that one so I am really anxious about when you're going to start it. So, that's what I think and

again, please forgive me if you're offended by what I said, and you don't have to listen to me if you don't

want to, this is just what I think you should do. I'm not Mexican but, ciao! - Chelsea
9/17/2008 c8 14Elegos-Sirinial-Shamtul
9/15/2008 c8 259The Last Letter
This is a really good story although it gets confusing in some parts.
9/6/2008 c8 Tracy
Wow that was so interesting!Could you write more soon.Your number one fan!
9/6/2008 c8 Baeden
Oh my gosh that was so creepy.
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