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6/24/2008 c4 4Goddess1408
Ah! Cliffhanger! Oh well, just update quickly! :P This story is getting very interesting!
6/16/2008 c4 8Tinian I'att
O is right! This is definitely not good. Please update soon.
6/16/2008 c4 Baeden
-Cheers for update-

Best. Archie. Atlanta. Dream. Ever.
6/16/2008 c4 Becky Sky
O... what's gonna happen? I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work, and update soon please!:)
6/15/2008 c4 25Little Miss Illusional
dum dum dum! wow, big big big cliffy! great work, don't keep us waiting, need the next chapter!
6/9/2008 c3 The Spiked Dragon
This is the first time I read your story,and I have to say that it's one of the best Class of the Titans stories I've ever read.Please update as soon as possible.
5/15/2008 c3 71Becky Sky
Oh, getting suspenseful! Update soon!
5/13/2008 c3 8Tinian I'att
Story's getting pretty good. They also have season two episode summeries on .
5/13/2008 c3 Baeden
Really good. Can't wait for the next one!
4/7/2008 c2 25Little Miss Illusional
eek! need...more...of...the...story...NOW!lol

gr8 story, wat dark secret is theresa hiding...

Little Miss Illusional
4/5/2008 c2 22TheDragoness1992
A good update! Man, I really can't wait to know what Theresa is going to tell Jay...


4/4/2008 c2 13Lzsmith8
an update! w00-h00! This was a pretty good chapter!

Looks like Theresa has got a past that's pretty painful. But it looks like her friends are there for her if she needs them.

Odie knows greek? That's pretty cool. 'course the smartest member of the team would know that. He knows just about everything else.

And yay! Archie and Neil were in this chappie! heh Archie caught Jay staring at Theresa. Funny.

Thanks for updating, please do it again soon!

4/4/2008 c2 Baeden
Has it occured to Theresa that being on your own is totally stupid when you are the arch-nemisis of a crazed god?
3/20/2008 c1 2pokemon-princess
I LOVE IT! Please continue!
3/13/2008 c1 Baeden
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