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for Horror of a high school

8/2/2011 c13 11Black Cat Angel
nice drama and sweet friendship. ur getting better. good luck on ur work.^-^
8/2/2011 c2 Black Cat Angel
interesting, very interesting. Good luck on ur progress.^-^
5/26/2011 c14 Black Cat Angel
Cool story! Will Toshiro be able to defeat Aizen with the hel of SIS? Good luck on ur work.^-^
2/1/2010 c1 aqua
nice :)

from- aqua
1/6/2010 c14 duckreb
That was a really intersting story but i hate when people leave it with cliffhangers. though i don't have any ideas for another story, but maybe pick the friend with the most power.
12/25/2009 c14 insertnamehere
OMG. You finally updated. I forgot that this fanfic existed until I checked my email :L. Yay. Good chapter.! ^^
7/28/2009 c13 3Ingledew
Yay Shiro!Shiro should show them who's boss with his awesome Death God powers :D
7/28/2009 c10 Ingledew

I'm on ch.32 & Urahara's interesting O_o
3/21/2009 c12 NakedKing
OMG YOU FINALLY UPDATED ITS BEEN LIKE HALF A YEAR! oh well... its god... i like this story lot!:DD
6/27/2008 c11 NakedKing
o o i think it should be a feild trip! o thated be god... LOVE ur story...!
5/8/2008 c11 3Miss. Sunday
To be frank there is no point in reading a story that is being considerd for the trash. If you are reconsidering than here are a some tips:

1. Message the people who have reviwed before and kindly ask them for their opinion.

2. Don't ever demean your own story it turns off the want to review

3. Look at how much you have done. If you like your story thats great if others comment on it. Thats just gravy.

4: Look at the hits you recieve on your story just because not many review dosen't mean they aren't reading it.

5:If you want to delet it feel free to it's your story but before you do consider the option of just simply revising it or all of it.

6: I like your stories.

There Ive said all I can say. I like this chapter your hard work and dedication shows. Your a budding author so your still learning, I want to see what you can accompish in the future.

Miss. Sunday
4/19/2008 c10 5Chakolit Chip
here are the people i wanna have in the story



i want these arrancars in the story



those are my 4 votes

4/10/2008 c10 21babygaaralover
I vote for:

2 votes for Grimmjaw

and 2 votes for Ichigo

4/9/2008 c1 3Miss. Sunday
Yes that would be amusing to see...I think Miyuri cause I would love to see how your characters react to him. Rukia because we rarely ever see Toshiro interact with her and it would be interesting to see how you will do it. Grimmjaw leading the hollows because I want to see him fight Toshiro and the ever evil Urahara you know ya love him. That's what "I" really want to see. Also have you decided on what course of action you will take with this story?
4/9/2008 c9 21babygaaralover
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