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for The Final Battle of Atmos

1/27/2014 c1 CarlottaStudios
AAAAAGH! DON'T YOU DARE KILL PIPER! It's for your own good! If you kill Piper, Aerrow will hunt you down, then commit suicide to join his one and only love in heaven.
11/27/2011 c2 10GothicWolfDream
-just graers at the pc-

no fair i was enjoying this

plz plz plz plz plzzz update
7/13/2011 c2 2aquarionprincess
Ummm i don't know if this is any good but you can have the girls beat the guys to the ground in volley or some sport. Or you could have a guy who's like stalking piper. I don't know but this is really good i hope you continue it and please don't pull it! xD


9/15/2009 c2 Guest
Make piper have loads of boys after her and aerrow ..
6/9/2009 c2 5Cowgirls Angel Rita
Hey, lovin the story so far. What if you wrote about the girls shoping trip adn about the guys on the beach. You could have Finn pulling some major wise cracks at Aerrow, about him and Piper. Just some ideas.

Or... maybe you could have it from Cyclonis' or dark Aces' point of view. Maybe they are planning something dark and evil for the final battle...

Thanks for writting your stories keep up the great work!

Cowgirls Angel Rita

P.S Don't worry every writer gets writers block.
5/9/2009 c1 OMG
i like the idea of Starlight.xox continue the story :)
1/22/2009 c2 rachel
hi just wanted to give you an idea.

how about the girls want to play a prank on the boys by buying

gothic emo clothes to make the boys think they've gone emo or insane.

email me what you think at
1/1/2009 c2 jenergy
I love your story so far. PLEASE DON'T STOP!:'(

Heres an idea what if when they arrive at the beach and Piper's in her new bathing suit like always boys will tease her because she's skinny and other stuff. So of course Aerrow will jump in. right?
8/29/2008 c1 3Child of the Storm
Emily: Yeah!Kill Piper!

Everyone: ...(crickets chirp)

Emily: What? I meant by kill her of embarresment.

Everyone: Phew

Piper: No! I've been embarresed enough with the bikini top loosing and everything else DevilsAngelSaphire has tortured me with!

Emily: Not to mention what I'm going to do with you for an extra chapter I'm written for the Beast Within story. Heh heh heh.

Piper: Great lord strike me dead now!

Aerrow: Aw come on Piper how bad is it gonna be?

*Looks at story Emily hands to him*


Piper:*Goes into depression corner*

Aerrow: Oops. I'm sorry Piper*tries to comfort her*

Piper: Go away.

Emily: I probably shouldn't have showed Aerrow that but I like torturing Piper. Nyhahahahah!

Bye dude!
8/29/2008 c2 LB-P
You HAVE to continue with this! If not, I will go into deep depression otherwise!

Finn and aria HAVE to get together and junko and sapphire HAVE to get together aswell! You're a really good auther! I'm sure you'll think of something GREAT!
8/29/2008 c1 LB-P
LOVIN' this chapter so far!
8/28/2008 c2 3Madame.Starlight
ok i dont know if you will like this idea but mabey dark ace Disguises himself and begins to flirt with piper. and they soon become friends. reason - cyclonis want info on the invasion plan. Aerrow and piper have a fight over something. he says something like. 'Datin you was a mistake.' something that really hurts her but it wasnt ment to hurt her. maby she miss-inturperated it. (still in tropica) she rides off to the Disguises dark ace for comfort. he knocks her out kidnapps her and takes her to cyclonia. cyclonis tries to bring her round to their side... if you want more reply =]
8/27/2008 c2 6fire-dancer123
uh. might i say not continue? it is not one of your best stories.
8/27/2008 c2 1Lady Snowstorm
Hey i luv this story do't pull it and how bout u get Aerrow to think of proposeing but never gets the change to cause someones always intruping and then after a deadly battle with Cyclonia and just about losing Piper Aerrow proposeing...Theres my idea u don't have to go with it if u don't want to...oh yea and they put all the money they spend while shopping on Harriers tab just for laughs
8/14/2008 c1 anna
i would like it so that aria would show piper in a stunning suit (bathing) and Aerrow would say she's stunning then kissing then piper would do a show for everyone especially Aerrow and she would dance please don't stop the music also i would like it so Aerrow and piper would be engaged and married and so piper would be in a lot of pain while having the baby.
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