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7/23/2018 c1 Guest
2/4/2010 c1 1VampsMoonAngel
wow that was funny and cool - antidisestablishmentarianism; i have to agree that is a really cool big word. -Avi
8/20/2009 c1 28Aphrodite100
it was a little fast, but good. love it!
7/24/2009 c1 BeaBeeG
haha lol, its god sian lol, i liked it lol, do more of them hehe, see you pathways lol
1/29/2009 c1 82Bittersweet x
lol :p awesome story i love using antidisestablishmentarianism to annoy meh sisters :D
12/13/2008 c1 loveisthegreatestmagic
I first discovered that word in an English lesson but I never knew what it meant until now. Hey you really do learn something new every day.
7/28/2008 c1 10callmefall
Sirius knows a big word! Yay Sirius!
4/13/2008 c1 6snipe-g
you know what would make this even better? If you had a sequal with Ginny /harry ...almost like it was passed down in harry genes...
3/30/2008 c1 chocolaterox92
Wha...? That was extremely random... ah well, it certaintly (sp?) made me laugh!
3/11/2008 c1 5ihearthpfanfic
that was cute and funny!

I thought sirius was gonna make up a word!

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