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for Claw Marks On My Heart

4/28/2008 c4 12brakken
Well that was delightful. I never really saw it coming, for all that you warned of the romance in this chapter...It was just so different than what I expected, what his typical reaction would be-but you pulled it off well, I'm impressed. You might want to fix the few errant typos, but other than them, this was a joy and a pleasure to read. Well done.
4/27/2008 c3 brakken
Well, nothing real to complain about here...Some typos you might want to edit out, but I dunno, I kind of like the idea of 'grasping for breath' as opposed to 'gasping'. It's more original.

Unless of course that wasn't a typo, in which case very original and effective word choice. And I have to say, the few lines Inuyasha has in this are perfect ones-I'd never come up with them on my own, and I'd never change them for the world-well done.
4/27/2008 c2 brakken
I definitely enjoyed the way you portrayed the last scene of his transformation-the detached one-liners add a lot of drama and horror, emphasizing the direct meaning and all the implications behind the words used. The dialog could be better, but hey, I'm not complaining. Their fight should have been stupid, and far be it for me to criticize something so true to the show. I'll keep reading...
4/27/2008 c1 brakken
Nice...I really like Inuyasha's total exasperation and frustration with the situation, you know it's there in the anime (especially at this time) but given his character he doesn't exactly share it with everyone, and so in a story we finally get a chance to hear what he's thinking firsthand. And this certainly sounds like his own thinking. Well done, very IC.
4/27/2008 c4 7animebooklover14
i love the story but i would love it even more if u would please continu to wright in it please
4/25/2008 c4 14Crystal Twilight
I liked it. Good work.
4/25/2008 c3 Crystal Twilight
I really like this fic! ^_^
4/25/2008 c2 Crystal Twilight
Uh oh. Good chapter.
4/25/2008 c1 Crystal Twilight
I like this fic, so far. ^_^
4/25/2008 c4 25Miko in training
you made me cry! happy tears of course! that was beautiful! great job! when i say beautiful i mean the ending of course lol... the story was great and i LOVE the ending! :D
4/24/2008 c4 LaDiDa xD
great story i wish u would continue it :( jus wen da story getz really good it haz 2 end :( plz consider continuin it! or at least make a sequel 2 it pretty plz? wit sugar on top? lol :D
4/24/2008 c4 5ten.thousand.spoons
Aw, what a wonderful conclusion. I'm glad you gave it a happy ending.
4/23/2008 c4 1wolfhowler245
woah was that intense. i wish that that wouldve happened in the actual manga. you do a very good job of writing by the way and tho it was only 4 chapters it was a one of the best ive read. great job.
4/23/2008 c4 12Dark Kitten Saki
This is awesome! I love it!


4/23/2008 c4 17inugomefiend
My only complaint is a concurrence with the last one...I WANNA SEE KAGOME'S RESPONSE TO THAT CONFESSION! Man, she waited so long...then suddenly...there it is! And the end? No! Not so fast! Maybe you can post a follow up? hm? Just a short one maybe? Other than that, WOW! :) Thanks for the well-written, exhilirating and wonderfully angsty-romantic story!
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