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7/21/2018 c2 amandakaylee79
Cool..Waiting on update?!
4/24/2016 c2 Artemis Nest
Wait what? That quick?
7/8/2012 c2 Guest
awesome story so far
3/1/2012 c2 Takua Nui
Not my absolute favorite, but I'd like to see this story continue.
4/1/2011 c1 Popp1
wow, nice story! loved it!
1/13/2011 c2 22DeadlyDarkAngel
that is so sad hate starfire in this story though u got her jealus side perfectly :) terras visit was unexpected and very cute how she and raven are friends. keep on writing i want to know wat happens.and im new to ff so this was a great story in my opinion and i havent written any stories to scared to c the reviews :( my friends that read my hand written copies end up calling them trash barf ect.so yea idk if i want to write anymore :(
1/18/2010 c2 geostelar
Aint bad, juz tat star gone too o'erboard
10/21/2009 c2 8luvnovels123
Come on,just write the next chapter! Love this story:) Great writer!
3/9/2009 c2 RufusLilium
Great story!

keep it up
7/10/2008 c2 7ExiledfromAzerath
i'm going to kill starfire. Does anyone have some money i can borrow for a plane ticket? update soon please i really like this so far!
5/9/2008 c2 16AtlantaGeorgia
Liked the chapter and can't wait until the next one.
5/8/2008 c2 18katergator

I thought over a bit what I said to you in my first review, and I realized that I was harsh. I'm sorry for using your story, and you, as a soap box. I cannot deny that I'm angry over the way certain characters are treated, but it was wrong of me to be so mean.

It really wasn't a personal attack on you, and quite honestly the last thing I would want to do is discourage someone from writing, especially a 13 almost 14 year old who has that well of a handle on grammar. You write better than a lot of people older than yourself, and that I commend you for. Writing is fun, and I shouldn't have sounded so discouraging. I'm sorry for sounding so mean, and really... this is pretty much the first time I've left a review like that, and already I was feeling horrible about it! Please keep writing, just... watch your characterization.

And I'm sorry for being mean.


5/7/2008 c1 katergator
First of all, when I look at the reviews of a story and see "Wow, Starfire's such a bitch!" and similar statements from reviewers, I already know that I'm dealing with an author who butchers characters for the sake of it, or they just don't even know -how- to write in character. Whichever case you are, I have no respect for you. I could care less about the petty pairing wars, truly, I could. If you wanna write Rob/Rae go ahead, I won't stop you. Turning Starfire into the evil popular bitch at your school that backstabbed you is when I start to get angry. It is completely the opposite of Starfire's nature. Everybody had that chick at their school, she sucked, get over it, and quit turning characters into her. I would rather see Starfire as a nonentity in the story than see her turned into this conniving evil whore who is out to hurt her friends. She wouldn't act this way in any universe and you know it, but you turn her into this just to create some cheesy drama. Can't you create drama and still keep all the characters themselves?

There are tons of kids on this site who can't write in character, and I'm sorry it had to be you that I finally spoke up to, but I'm getting sick of it. I don't like Terra. I admit it. But, I'm mature enough to leave her character alone.

I know you won't pay attention to constructive criticism, and that's okay. What I said needed to be said, and this goes out to all character bashers, for every fandom. It is unacceptable to write this horribly out of character.
5/7/2008 c2 9ShanaNoChute
It is a great story!
5/7/2008 c1 2Royal Blue
Oh dear..

What are you /doing/? Not only to Starfire, but to Raven and Robin? Do you really think that they would act like this?

I understand that this is Fanfiction, and yes, I know what Fanfiction means. But, dearie, the point of Fanfiction is to write a piece that is at least semi-based on the characters.

Starfire loves her friends, she doesn't want to hurt them. If her best friend is happy with Raven, then she would set her feelings aside and let them date.

You need to do some research on the characters. DC would be ashamed with what you are doing to them.

Royal Blue.
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