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8/1 c22 1byakuyakchk36
What Ranma needs is someone to talk to, a sympathetic ear who will also call him out when he’s in the wrong. everyone else has at least one person who will take their side, a friend, a loved interest, a fellow rival. The fact that ranma doesn’t have this combined with his poor social skills and him putting everyone’s needs over his own makes it to easy for them to shove all responsibility and blame onto him even when it’s completely detrimental to what they want. Shampoo herself in the foot by pretending she wasn’t aware about ryoga but if ukyo is willing to slow down and just be his friend I thing she has a chance.
7/24 c20 byakuyakchk36
Revelation after revelation after revelation.
7/17 c18 byakuyakchk36
It looks like bb has shinigami eyes

As much as fanon likes to play up her intelligence nabiki is to impulsive to be a proper rival for l
7/17 c17 byakuyakchk36
Who would Mariko have made ranma fall in love with.

When are we going to see Ranma’s more intellectual manipulative skillsets. It seems like a wasted opportunity.
7/16 c15 byakuyakchk36
Ah ryoga finally shows up

That’s the thing with Mousse the reason he doesn’t get a pass for not manipulating Shampoo is because he’ll manipulate everyone else around her. keep ryoga on his side and focused on ranma.

Akane seems to alternate between indifference and hostility towards Ranma and unlike tofu which was a crush we see just how different she treats someone we know she cares about. And this is with mousse opening showing that he has no interest in her. it really doesn’t endear the audience to her and you can see why the other fiancee’s don’t like her when she prevents ranma from moving on.

When in doubt blame ranma

Has anyone ever apologized to ranma before or even admit fault in there actions.

The thing is if Ukyo was willing to start at friend and work her way up she’d have a much easier time at winning Ranma’s affection.

Is l gonna learn capoeira or anything goes.
7/16 c14 byakuyakchk36
I really enjoy when writers show that even the weaker of the NWC are monsters compared to normal people.

Kodachi gave her team to much confidence if they thought this would work.
8/28/2021 c22 2lordkalel
Everytine I thought this fic was dead, it comeback to life, and the cliffhanger left us with hunger for more, everytime i wonder who is going to end up with who at the end.
1/8/2021 c21 James Birdsong
Good chapter
5/29/2020 c20 13Ganheim
Chapter 20
You aren't going to forget!"
[Is this an order or question? If the latter, it’s missing the mark]

"That's alright
[all right]

RYOGA!" A blood curdling yell of shear outrage
[I imagine this is Akane, but having her name to clarify would’ve been nice]

Did you get a look at either of them?"
[Ranma might not be an expert observer, but should’ve gotten some information about build and gait]

I know some others have complained that this doesn't "feel" as much like a Ranma 1/2 fic, but crossovers always tend to incline towards one or the other fandom in tone or the way the plot is handled and this is firmly rooted on the Ranma characters so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. The fact that it's expanding into the toxic relationships and mistakes a lot of the characters have is actually interesting, because the manga did a disservice by playing Status Quo Is God (probably for sales) rather than letting things evolve naturally. I look forward to seeing what kind of questions and clashes come up next.
4/22/2020 c1 Hainz
Question: isn’t there an anime that already has the lovenotes. It has the immortal yandere a immortal Victim an immortal female shikigami and the immortal sister of the yandere thats also a yandere targeting her yandere sister who’s targeting a unlucky victim that was saved by the shikigami which is also the gods daughter which is all to happy to give his daughter away. Or that’s what i got so far.
4/9/2020 c16 MysteriousPerson
Mariko Konjo is the Love Note user. The whole cheerleading bit gives it away, since there’s only one person in Ranma 1/2 that practices “Cheerleading Martial Arts”. Heck, just look up “Ranma 1/2 Cheerleader” and you can easily find her page on the wiki.

Anyways, I’ve been enjoying the story so far! You’ve done a really good job at combining the Death Note intrigue with Ranma 1/2’s general chaos.

Good job!
4/8/2020 c20 James Birdsong
Cool chapters
4/6/2020 c20 For Spite
Nabiki had best hope her house wasn't bugged while the family was out.
4/4/2020 c20 2lordkalel
Wow, for a while I was afraid that this fic was dead. I'm glad to see that it is not. This coronavirus crisis has let to the resjrrection of several fanfics. And i notice that you are preparing for a climax soon, i hope that your inspiration doesn't ran out. And be safe.
1/4/2020 c1 GrumpyGrue
Kasumi wrote enough names in microscopic calligraphy that is more easily expressed as an amount in scientific notation?
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