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9/24/2013 c8 Mr.Crowley54
I have two suggestions for songs for you, they are from the musical The Producers. One is "we can do it", the other one is only a suggestion and if you are offended I apollogize profusely, but the other song is from the same musical and its title is called Springtime for Hitler from the Producers. Once again, if you are offended I apologize greatly.
5/15/2010 c8 3starry-lyra
Wow (this delegate applauds AngelBornOfHell's amazing achievements in incorporating the NARUTO context into multiple songs :)

Was it published beforehand? Like in freshmen? or in eighth?

It's awesome, just so you know.

(But the "I just can't wait to be HOKAGE"): it doesn't seem to go well with the song.

I mean it doesn't have a consistent flow.

We shall discuss this matter tomorrow. :D

Have fun studying your stuff. and I will too. (being the nerds we are)
12/3/2009 c8 9elfblossoms

i legitemately fell off the chair when i read this. AMAZING.
6/11/2009 c4 2FizzyLemonade
When I read 'about Shikamaru's death', I went crazy, thinking he was dead. Luckily he hasn't. Yet. I like the song, its super class!
9/24/2008 c8 6Niamhako
These are really really good. I especially love Popular. I'm not so sure about Dead though. A dead Shikamaru? Too upsetting for me. Can I request Loathing from Wicked? I can see exactly how it would work between so many of the characters.
7/9/2008 c1 3twili.imp
DAUGHTER! Do our theme song! Do...



Mother commands you.

Do not dishonor family name! Ai-ya!
6/2/2008 c1 25Kirei Ryuusei
LOL! Hey could you do I won't say (i'm in love)?
4/17/2008 c5 2Shinju Tenshi
Wot! but you revised it from the other version huh s-chan?
4/17/2008 c4 Shinju Tenshi
Hey S-chan! it's j-chan again! great job but wasn't this song sung by ketsuki not temari?
4/10/2008 c2 Shinju Tenshi
I feel sorry for the dads, poor poor father who must deal with their evil, blood-thirsty, temperish, lazy-ass, stupidest smartest person (or is it the other way around?), and crazy children all day. lol XP
4/10/2008 c1 Shinju Tenshi
WOT! lol. S-chan, great work! hurray for killing over-preppy creatures that wear too much pink!

From both J-chan and Shin-chan (my punk/gothic/emoish inner-self)
3/31/2008 c3 10Subuku no Jess
I either love the titanic song or can't you feel the love tonight. I can't decide.^^
3/29/2008 c1 Subuku no Jess
I love it. How about America in West Side Story sung by the Sand sibs? Gaara likes Konoha, while the sand sibs and Shukaku don't. How about that?
3/29/2008 c5 roxychick93
HAHAHA! That was awesome! I especially loved the Titanic song! Once i read the first line - Every night in my dreas, i see you, i kill you - i just laughed my head off! Well done =)
3/26/2008 c1 23wolfrun1
Comment: I loved the 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight', because that was the only song that I knew. The rest was still good...so, keep it up.
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