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3/11/2009 c5 6Felling
Ouch. Getting epic here? XD

Update soon.
10/16/2008 c5 Devil Rebel
nice, keep it up
10/4/2008 c5 39Eric Draven201
Hm... I am intriuged. Please do continue.
10/4/2008 c5 7Acerbus Wings
First off, things I like is that the characters are IC, your take on Kyrie, and it looks like the plot has some interesting potential. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

For critique however, just two things. 1. Small missed words/errors (not like I'm one to talk...) like in this chapter where you called Trish Tish. 2. I MIGHT have to reserve judgement on depending on the explanation. If Vergil's really Callie and Nero's dad than he would've had to have had them at around age 10-13 since Dante's 29-30 in DMC4 and Nero's 17-19 in DMC4. Unless there's some other plot reason...

~Acerbus Wings
9/7/2008 c1 EWle
Nice nice, very promising and finishing. I enjoy it and pretty good! Well, just wondering what is the conspiracy that shakes the world from your fanfic? How Curious!
8/20/2008 c1 9NoobNinja
Hay great story.

Please Carry on with it.
7/7/2008 c4 Devil Rebel
nice, keep it up
7/6/2008 c4 1DarkPaladinSeeD
Will you keep doing more of this? PLEASE DO MORE!
7/4/2008 c4 39Eric Draven201
What an interesting concept for your "Callie" Character. Hats off to you.
7/4/2008 c4 DMCFan
PLEASE!Do more of these Stories,they are really good! PLEASE DO MORE!
6/1/2008 c3 icys
aww :( great story, I'd love to see you writing more.
5/5/2008 c2 o
Very, very nice.

I like your characterization and description and the life you give the characters speak wonders about your writing skill.

Please update soon!
4/1/2008 c3 3Hazza137
'Tis epic! Write MORE!
4/1/2008 c3 Joanna Synclare
no free time? i know exactly what you mean. story's still going good. continue please :)
3/31/2008 c3 3Phoenix-of-Vengeance
o...k... uh, kinda confusing, but that;s just me.
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