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8/7/2017 c1 a
awesome ending for the series :D
12/29/2013 c1 35Marorin5
That was an awesome story! I really liked it! That's how Dragon Ball should've ended, if you ask me. Goku and Vegeta, the last two Saiyajins, go to look for a battle in the depts of space, back where they belong... then go to Other World and catch up with their dead mates and friends! Awesome! Not like that "I'm gonna go train with a dragon and fuse with the Dragon Balls, 'til never!" ending from GT. I mean Goku fusing with the Dragon Balls and becoming their protector or whatever was kinda, sorta, a nice touch, but leaving his family and friends like that was definetly not. But then again, GT has many mistakes and plot-holes if you ask me *shrugs*. Ya know, I sometimes imagine the Z-Fighters and their families — at least the closest ones to the original Z-Fighters — going to live to Supreme Kai's planet to live. I mean, after saving Earth and the Universe so many times, they diserve some VIP, don'tcha think? Besides, Kibito Kai and Elder Kai are friends with the original Z-Fighters, ain't they? But, who knows? That's what fanfiction is for, right? :P Loved this story! Way to go!
6/9/2012 c1 3FanRan
Gods this was written so long ago, but I can honestly say it's one of the better DBZ stories i've read in the past couple of years

8/22/2007 c1 koro sama

Passion, love, full of light

without GT, everthings right

the last 2 saiya-jins

go to the sky

Happily looking for one last fight

10/23/2002 c1 55Sholio
This is a nice ending for the series. Makes me wish GT had never happened. *g*
11/9/2001 c1 Star
I'm stunned, this fic is fantastic. Truely the best DB fanfic I've ever read! Sure I'm mainly a tekkaman blade fan, but your fic's THE BEST! It's amazing the amount of effort you've put into this, all the thought, the feeling - you've created an atmosphere of sadness and...finality...I can't find the words to describe it! THANKYOU FOR WRITING THIS FIC!
7/13/2001 c1 18's 1 Fan
That was so much better than DBGT! Especially since I could picture Kakarotto and Vejiita doing something like that! Sorry I need to get a tissue. I'm Starting to cry!
3/18/2001 c1 Chaotic Serenity
:sighs: That is bittersweet; I especially felt that Piccolo's quiet vow to keep the legacy going made for a perfect ending. I've always loved the idea of Goku and Vegeta going out together; you just put it into story for all of us.
2/3/2001 c1 3Meidara
epic... and kinda sad too. I love your stuff girl!
10/25/2000 c1 1Tachi
Great fic!, I enjoyed it very much.
8/12/2000 c1 Kelly P
excellent! wow! amazing! probably the best series ending i have ever read! but i have to ask this though, why has no one ever written about using the dragon balls to make the girls younger, or to live as long as their husbands? just a thought. loved it!
7/23/2000 c1 Tinni
Very, very good.
7/11/2000 c1 Daughter of Chaos
I've never seen Gt (maybe I'm just lucky that way) But that was very sweet. And I'll probably still have this story in mind when ever I do get around to seeing GT. Very well writen, and with emotion at that.
7/8/2000 c1 A DBZ Otaku
Oh, this was lovely. A great end for Goku and Vejiita, and a hell of a lot better than that nonsense from DBGT
7/7/2000 c1 The logged-off Silver Galaxy
This was GREAT! Make a sequel, please! I wanna know what happens during Vejita and Goku's battle and stuff! ^_^
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