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2/17/2015 c1 4ShadowKitten14
That put a smile on my face. Go fangirl armies!
8/17/2013 c1 19Ryuus2
And yet another way that Kishimoto could have, should have, but didn't take this series.

Keep up the great work!
10/13/2012 c1 89phoenixyfriend
Deliciously cracky. You're right, it was OOC, but then again, most crack is. I was a little wary of reading it, since it had the type of humor that I usually avoid, but I'm rather glad that I chose to read it despite that.
5/10/2011 c1 kail420
10/23/2010 c1 2Haan
Bah, damn the OOC:ness, it's effing hilarious!
12/17/2008 c1 14TheTwilightRurouni
XD This made me laugh, which isn't very hard at 2:23 in the morning, but whatever. It was still great. I love how they sit back and reflect on their own greatness. Uchiha to the core.

Twilight Rurouni
12/12/2008 c1 killerwing x gaara
AWESOME! i really like it and i showed it to my friend. she couldn't stop laughing!
11/13/2008 c1 40Tobi'sgoodgirllovesSasuSaku
You'd think that Itachi would summon Sasuke's fanirls to attack him while Sasuke summoned Itachi's to attack him. Either way it was good, very original. Here's a cookie.(gives you cookie in the shape of a dead fangirl) BYE! : )
3/15/2008 c1 4Nitroglycerin
... That's... hilariously random...

3/15/2008 c1 23Tama Saga
Hmm...that's strange, why don't the two brothers hide behind a rock the instant they summon their army?

And strangely, I would expect half of Sasuke's army to convert. And a quarter of Itachi's.
3/15/2008 c1 35Kaira-chan15
xD Omg that was hilarious, and so original! How did you ever think up an idea like that? It's pure genius, hilarious genius. Lol, Itachi and Sasuke summoning fangirl armies, that's so funny! Nice work! :D

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