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for Hokage No More

9/27 c1 Dasgun
. .
6/12 c6 Clown Exorcist
This shit is too OP
5/27 c1 NaruCrazy
"hoped that eventually Sasuke and her would break up and she would find that her heart belong to Naruto"
What is with this pathetic ass Naruto? If he is still so into Sakura, why the hell is he crying about Hinata? Treating her like a cheap replacement
5/26 c10 Guest

I am so looking forward to this thank you so much
5/26 c10 Luiferre
How tf do you still remember your accounts name and password after 12 years, i could barely remember mine
5/14 c9 KidneyZero
Enjoy the story, hope you come back to it. I’ll follow and wait
3/19 c9 25Midnight Lost
Gotta say, this was a good read.

Kind of disappointed to see that it hasn't been updated in a number of years, was really looking forward to see what happens next. Not to mention, when the Konoha 11 find out about the reason why Naruto went left the village for 5 years.

Anyways, I am going to put this on follow and favorite, in case the stars align and you come back to finish this.
3/8 c9 Guest
Mooooooooooore we need more update more more more more i want him to learn sealing jutsu and become a master then I wanna see sakura put i her place bc she a bitch bro kill her off and have naruto kick all of their asses besides Lee he a goat ong
2/16 c9 sten227
this need update
8/17/2020 c3 Guest
If you are a man, you are a dickless bitch. If you are a woman, then you are a femenazi who should be repeatedly punched in the face until your teeth are permanently rearranged. Delete this retarded garbage and light yourself on fire. It would improve humanity.
8/17/2020 c2 Guest
And I’m out. Your Naruto is a fucking pussy who is acting scared of a girl when he can kick her ass easily. That is fucking stupid. I hate pussy characters that always bitch out around a female even when said female can’t do anything but yell. I hate females that hit men but cry like a weak bitch when they are hit back. I hate woman who scream about equality but refuse to actually be an equal. And I hate pathetic writers who emphasize such stupid stereotypes. Burn in a fire you pathetic sack of shit. You are weak and stupid.
5/15/2020 c9 burnnotice
5/10/2020 c9 1monsterkillers124
I think the story needs a very long overdue update
2/16/2020 c4 Masashi
I really see great potential in you. But why was it that at the beginning it said 5 years but now it is 5 months. There is incorrect stuff but this isn't formal so!
11/26/2019 c9 Guest 8
Sakura ordered by Sasuke to follow Tsunade.

When Naruto saw Sakura. Naruto gets angry said, “ Once I thought you had a charming forehead and makes me want to kiss it. Now I don’t want to kiss. Ami was right you are a freak.”

Sakura charged at Naruto. Temari saved Naruto & I’m Naruto’s girlfriend. You are an Orochimaru’s boy toy’s toy.”

Naruto tells Sakura if Teme becomes the Hokage...
Temari interrupted, Suna alliance is over with Konoha.

Naruto said, “We will attack as well.”
Sakura asked who do you think you are?
Naruto replied I’m the son of the Fourth Hokage. My true name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.
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