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4/5/2009 c5 25Fantasyfan4ever
Wow, with only five chapters, you've already excelled at extending the plot to such an incredible level. I'm starting to like Lt. Olsen; he has a way with words. Anyways, I hope that you update this fic; it sounds like it's getting quite interesting. Of course, as my old middle school dean used to say, "The choice is yours." Job well done mate!
6/24/2008 c1 10Dead Man Writing Is Dead
dang it, forgot to review the actual chapter XD. It was interesting, but more of a reflection then plot progression/ but still fairly good.
6/24/2008 c5 Dead Man Writing Is Dead
You know what I find interesting about this fic? if you changed some of the names, and tweaked the details, you could probably publish this as your own work. Not many other fanfics have that, but theres so much interesting outside elements, it almost reminds me of those OOC pairing fests of a fanfiction, which really only take then names of the characters, only this one actually has a better plot. (note, that was not an insult.)
6/9/2008 c3 Dead Man Writing Is Dead
hahahh, 1337. So, did you just delete the chapters, or is there actually differences?
6/3/2008 c12 Dead Man Writing Is Dead
So...what happens next ;)?
6/3/2008 c9 Dead Man Writing Is Dead
well I have to leave for school so I'll read the rest when I come back. I want ot know what happens next, but its confusing at points. It might be a mixture of speed reading/words I dont know/ not reading the first fiction/ speed reading. Anyway, I'll finsih another time. Update soon.
6/3/2008 c6 Dead Man Writing Is Dead
well, I a mabout halfway through this fic, and my biggest complaint is that 'gilt' is spelt G.U.I.L.T. yeah. Anyway, its intersting, but fairly confusing. Mostly words like def.link and the way its playing out. But, it has a lot of potnetial, since you normally don't see an alien harry potter fic. :). Also, are you southern? you see mto have alot of southern based characters in your fics. X).
5/31/2008 c12 2xJig of Deathx
this story rocks keepit up please

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