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12/17/2020 c22 5sunlightstars
Although I really loved how you did Remus, and this was a Severus/Harry story, I really wished we got to see more Remus in this. I know Harry would go to Luna and Draco a lot about the changing relationship but I feel like he would’ve gone to his father figure as well. I really liked this story though! I’m excited to start reading the sequel right now too!
8/17/2020 c11 2WoNdEr GrAy
i think everybody should just leave harry alone for some time and then he'll be able to forgive it's like they're pressurising him to forgive severus
4/6/2020 c22 HoneyBear84
Love it
8/9/2018 c1 1Rabeeafatima
my other god father?! Forgods sake!
6/12/2018 c7 kathyjo
Okay I know this story is done however my biggest pet peeve is the fact that Luna is his Witnesses supposed to be his protector (harrys)so when she knew the itching was leading to a full Bond when she realizes Severus wasn't going to say into she should have immediately told him do that he could have prepared himself
5/8/2018 c2 RyuandAki
i cant believe...
2/4/2018 c22 Qtsarahanne
Cute story thanks for writing it.
7/12/2017 c9 Serafino
One step forward
7/12/2017 c8 Serafino
Maybe Remus will make an appearance after all
7/12/2017 c7 Serafino
Luna and Draco working together is amazing
A potion to see your true feelings? Or heart's intent?
More manipulation ? Poor harry
7/12/2017 c6 Serafino
Interesting to learn about the role of the witnesses
7/12/2017 c5 Serafino
What happens now...
7/12/2017 c4 Serafino
This is a horrible situation to be in
I wonder the reason sev has been attracted to harry before the bonding but harry was not
7/12/2017 c3 Serafino
At least it looks like sev will actually tell harry
I wish you could rewrite this story and polish it a little bit
Don't get me wrong, it is goood
7/11/2017 c2 Serafino
I don't know why they didn't just tell harry
Seriously, if Harry is not even taking the marriage that badly
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