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10/2/2008 c2 4Amyrlin Egwene
Now that’s what I pictured would happen after the last battle! I figure the towers would unite, and some channelers would live and work in towns, and maybe some would even have families. How else do you increase the channeling population? Does anyone swear on the oath rod? If not, what about those who had the oaths in place before. I can’t see Asha’man agreeing to swear on the rod, and I can’t see most Aes Sedai swearing while they don’t. Now, what about the kin and seafolk? Elayne’s bargain? And if both groups do still swear on the rod, how does the Kin deal with men if/when they retire?

Sil must feel guilty, having to leave her friend behind that way. Not to mention, she will be living Ali’s dream. *chuckles* Even if Alinda doesn’t tell her wish, it’s easy enough to gues. Poor child, she might have burned herself out then and there by igniting that flame.
10/2/2008 c1 Amyrlin Egwene
A very awesome beginning! I’m looking forward to seeing how things have changed at the tower. Are all the Ajah’s still inn tact? Does the red bond men? Do men bond Aes Sedai? Who is Amyrlin now?

It was an excellent idea to start us off with a familiar character from the books wwhile introducing us to Ali. But why are they using the flame to find out if she can channel? Isn’t that the way they test Asha’man? If I remember correctly, they can sense whether someone can learn from the first few seconds of being near them.

Hah, she’d sure be something special if she can channel Saidin.
10/1/2008 c3 8viggen
I'm happy to see that you continued. It ain't easy sometimes. This chapter is fairly clear. I can tell that you did some research in order to come up with that description of Elayne and the walk through the royal palace at Caemlyn. You've definitely put in some work.

I think I might be a little unclear on why you have Elayne administering the test she does.

I hope you will keep writing!
3/28/2008 c2 3Ashandarei
Well, now...First WoT fanfic in a long wille that got me interested. Good job! I'll be keeping anm eye for updates.
3/25/2008 c1 8viggen
You've got an excellent start here! You've set up an interesting new locale in the WOT world and you've got some novel characters that show promise. Giving Alinda albinism and hinting that she may be able to channel Saidin is a nifty way to go, especially on the background of White and Black Towers united. Overall, the writing is pretty good as well. There are a few points when you could use some punctuation, but it does not really effect the alacrity that you show with this work.

I'm curious to see where you will head with this. I'll read more as I get the time!

I'm happy I inspired you to start this story, but I hope you will give yourself a bit more credit for your own creative hand. I think as you continue working that this story will come to flourish in its own right, regardless of who inspired you. Just make certain to do your best to stay inspired, even when the going gets tough!

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