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for Into The Night

3/23/2008 c1 6FredandGeorgetwinsoftheC.O.C.A
Wow, perfect song, much? That fit really well...now I must look up the song and hear it! Cute!
3/23/2008 c1 1Flame05
I love your story
3/22/2008 c1 13Firebloom
Hahah, I'd love to see that pic; never seen a pic of her dancing. This one was very sweet and well-written.
3/21/2008 c1 22LifesLover
Aw, that was so cute in a... not so cute kinda way. I don't know how to describe it. I just know that I like it.

I really like this song. I always have. I'm not too picky when it comes to music. I like practically everything. Except for rap. I hate rap.

This was a lot less angsty than the other but I'm glad that I got both perspectives. One that made me cry and one that made me squeal. I hope you're doing okay. I read on your DA that you're sick right now. I'm sorry. That's got to suck. Ooh, I added you to my watchers on DA. I'm zexionlove (this was before I decided to use Lifes.Lover as my name). I don't have anything on there so there's no point in going to my profile but just so you know.

Great job,



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