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for The Broken Pieces of Us

8/4/2014 c4 Marigolds
Perhaps Gwen getting an abortion should seem more selfish, but i'm pissed of at Rhys for making those plans without asking her and calling her dreams 'silly'!
10/20/2009 c5 14IndeMaat
Excellent story. I'm a little sad to see that you seem to have abandoned it. Characterisation is good, the plot is interesting and is developing at a pace that really pulled me into the story.

You punctuate dialogue incorrectly (for the most part). When there is a dialogue tag after the dialogue, the dialogue itself should have a comma at the end (as the dialogue tag is technically part of the same sentence as the dialogue) and not a full stop.
8/10/2008 c4 54Solsbury Girl
Still here, still waiting, still hoping...
6/10/2008 c5 strgzr
Okay, so I'm waiting patiently for the next installment but it's been MONTH'S...

Have pity on us poor readers and update soon. I offer cookies and warm hugs...
5/13/2008 c5 Solsbury Girl
Hey - play fair! Where's the rest of this!
4/3/2008 c5 23pinksocks
argh! oh no! please update soon, the suspence s killing me!
4/3/2008 c5 53lcdrsuperseal

Such an intense chapter!

Ianto cant die! Who would make the coffee?

Cant wait for the next chapter!
4/2/2008 c5 this account will be dead soon

Update soon!
3/31/2008 c4 4Adjovi
yep-still here. interesting premise...looking forward to updates. :)
3/30/2008 c4 23pinksocks
I am! And very engrossed too! Please update soon!

3/30/2008 c4 123kira66
*Jumps up and down waving arms* I'm still reading so hurry and update again!
3/30/2008 c4 A Pleased Stranger
Just started -reading that is, and it's lovely. You do the team justice, no one is out of character, and Owen's "12 years of safe sex" reaction was rather clever.

'Can't wait to see where this is going.
3/30/2008 c4 EmilyH
This is quite intriguing. Please continue.
3/27/2008 c2 4Adjovi
this is great-you have their voices down pat. i look forward to updates.
3/26/2008 c2 53lcdrsuperseal
Another excellent chapter! Well worth a read!

I Look forward to Chapter 3!
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