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11/3/2013 c8 Guest
just write another chapter
1/28/2012 c1 Slake Honda Lol
10/25/2008 c7 6Kit turned Mighty
Ah... I guess my previous review don't really count no more... Maybe that's why I didn't review before?

Sorry tah bother ya. Thanks for posting where the story will be from now on.
10/25/2008 c4 Kit turned Mighty
Fanfiction doesn't really allow Author Notes in place of chapters. When you updated with Chapter 4 in Chapter 5's place, you should've just put Chapter 4 where it belongs.

I would tell you to fix it but that'd pretty much screw everyone who reviewed the other chapters over.

SO, just sayin' try not to do that and if ya do it again- warn people not to review it and if they have comments, to PM you instead.

Onto the real chapter 4! yay!
10/25/2008 c3 Kit turned Mighty

Gore isn't awesome if you permanently deface Allen!


But I'll read along none-the-less cuz I like this story~ ^_^
7/31/2008 c8 addenza
Yes! An update! And Allen is awake! ^^
6/30/2008 c7 1DarkDragonRhapsody
Ahh... I love Allen Noah Stories and yours was short and sweet too... Its really sad that you are giving up on it =(
5/28/2008 c5 5The-Sponge-Who-Could-Fly
i Like your writing style, very awespme. short chapters faster updates, i love your logic. I'm not being sarcastic!

awesome plot and storyline please update soon
5/5/2008 c5 15Xelena
aren't the noah supposed to have regenerative abilities though - i mean, some sort of healing ability at any rate. if allen can become a noah after being a parasitic-type exorcist there must be something special about him as a noah just as there was for him as an exorcist.
5/1/2008 c5 IOTR
Short. :O

I wanna know what happens!

Updates soon. ^^
4/30/2008 c5 addenza
? Allen won't recover? T.T I hope not...
4/28/2008 c5 7Lonely Kitty
uwah so short xP but im glad you updated! nya! no Rhode! dont take him away! youll dress him up in frilly colthing! grr, update soon nya!

~Lonely Kitty
4/28/2008 c5 2Silver Star Celine's very short. Try to make your chapters longer. But aside from that, good! XP
4/28/2008 c5 48Ominous Rain
hm good so far!^^
4/27/2008 c5 12seasnake.756
... nice development. :)
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