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for Silent Night Scream

1/6/2010 c1 10Swashbucklist
THIS is wonderful. Not for Sid, though, but you knowhattamean. Your descriptions of the characters, their dialog, their emotional states, and the mood setting are all terrific. This would be a satisfying way the end Sidney's life if it absolutely had to be someting dark and tragic.

It's not frequent you find fanfiction authors who have actual literary skill, so I shall consider this a jewel among rocks in the world of fanfiction. Not flattery, just a statement.
1/23/2009 c1 27HopeyMcHope
Whoa. I really loved the speech and the ending was a good shocker. I kept wondering who it was, which distracted me from what Sidney was up to. Fantastic job! One of the strongest stories in this section.
11/30/2008 c1 9Heavenly Faye-Faye
I can't believe this only got 3 reviews... This was very good; I liked Ghostface's speech a lot, and how he was ticked off that Sidney killed herself. Your descriptive writing is awesome, too! Keep it up!
4/15/2008 c1 mahegrl
That was awesome! Keep up the good work!
4/4/2008 c1 Nightmare Generator
That was the greatest scream story I have ever read keep it up.

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