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2/1/2022 c3 jlttnbookworm
Please come back! We need to know what happens!
3/18/2012 c3 10Zinfer
Oh noes! Please update!
1/29/2011 c3 34Algum ser
It kinda breakes my heart to see this story in hiatus.

Since I found your stories last year, I've loved them.

I'm really sad that you're not updating. I'd just wondering if you're ever gonna write again.

But thanks for sharing this with us. You're an awesome writer. =D
11/29/2010 c3 29CeCe Away
Interesting how both brothers are having nightmares about each other. Good story so far.
4/17/2010 c3 LeiaWinter
aren't you going to finish this one?
2/3/2010 c3 LittleLurker
So...? When are you going to finish this pretty good story? ...or, let's say, update at least?

You can't leave us hanging like this for two years! Gez, please, please, please update this, or better yet, finish it - it's worth it!

Cheers, D.
3/3/2009 c3 7xXRyu RyuXx
darn u for not updating T-T
8/31/2008 c3 107kirallie
SO Sam's visions have kicked in? Will he make it in time to help Dean? Keep up the good work!
7/17/2008 c3 2V956970
Wow, I love it!
7/7/2008 c3 babyreaper
Why have you stopped , i'm so loving this story, Dean in danger and hurting , great please, please finish the tale
5/1/2008 c3 VacantAccount

Ah no! Why did it end like that? Update soon!
4/13/2008 c3 64TraSan
Excellent. The tension is mounting!

Sorry I'm so late. Still catching up on vacation reading. :D
4/4/2008 c3 BOTN27
go sam go! oh i hope deans gunna b ok
4/3/2008 c3 4alwaysateen
Great new chapter.

I like that Sam is trusting his new found "abilities". We also got intuition that guide us and when you have a bad feeling about something, you should never doubt it.

Hope Sam gonna find Dean in one piece...
4/2/2008 c3 1romi.luvz.jared
oo god...those dreadfull dreams can be soo traumatic...watchin ur brother die over n over...its so fearfull.

cant wait to see the re-union of the brothers...plzz update asap.

xx hugs...romi xx
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