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8/5/2016 c4 12moon eclipse shadows
I love this so much.
"Don't be Byakugan-ing people without their permission. It's not manners."
I have read this story before, but I found you on someone's favorites and decided to venture in again. And I am very glad to have done so :)
7/22/2016 c12 1Siartha
...are you telling me Sabaku no Gaara, Fifth Kazekage, jinchuuriki to the Ichibi, is going to a strip club because that is amazing.
""And I took a shower," said Kankuro." Good job. Gold star for him.
I wonder if Kankuro and TenTen is a pairing that people write for. I wonder if Kankuro is a character that people write for. I mean he's not uninteresting, and I guess he looks ok under all that face paint even if his siblings are hotter.
Wow... Neji as a hobo leper is certainly a mental image I don't think I want to relive.
"And then they both sort of smiled and their eyes met and, two seconds after that, so did their lips." THIS WAS SO UNEXPECTEDLY CUTE I'M SCREAMING.
"as it turned out Neji wielded a katana and not a kunai" oh my GOD
"other interesting bodily secretions" there is no chill. NONE. And I love you for it. But not in the Neji/Temari sort of way because we don't know each other and that would be weird. I'm sure you're beautiful though. I could be some weird 50 year old basement dwelling man with a handlebar moustache and two month old boxers. I'm not. But I could be. Who knows.
Anyways, this fic was a wild ride from start to end. For a few chapters I would read one chapter of this and one chapter of Marrow because I had limited internet for a bit, and this story was a great pick me up when Marrow started giving me the dreaded feels(TM).
Thanks for sharing this crazy pairing with us. I had so much fun!
(Am going to binge read Marrow now, as my Internet allows.)
(Will also review the other few chapters here that i didn't because I wanna tell you my favourite lines)
7/21/2016 c9 Siartha
"Akamaru was more than slightly offended by this but he didn't complain because he couldn't make any coherent sound except for "antidisestablishmentarianism," which really isn't very coherent at all."
Lmao wtf. I like the sort of narrative tone you set in this story though!
"Neji offered to prove it to her right there if she wanted and then they both looked around and pretended he hadn't just said that and Neji really wanted to kill himself."
I love the awkwardness, it is so real.
7/20/2016 c12 Guest
A Neji-Temari lemon to cap it off would have been amazing. Nonetheless, this was an excellent piece of literature. Thumbs up!
7/19/2016 c4 Guest
How about Temari the Terrible? :)
7/19/2016 c1 10Rinnegan no Ozil
Your humour writing is the stuff of legends. The puns are as good as your (and one of mine) favorite authors.
On the side note, maybe it is the presence of Rosie o'Donnell that keeps the ninja away, ne?
7/16/2016 c8 1Siartha
Thank you for bringing me my daily instalment of actual 5 year olds Neji and Temari.
"When Temari tired of that she began to pinch Neji's back in a manner very reminiscent of the way her fan had just pinched his finger and Neji could see where the fan got it from."
I almost peed myself laughing and this isn't even the funniest line in the story.
7/16/2016 c5 Siartha
So I see peanut allergies are a trend in your work.
7/16/2016 c4 Siartha
So I was trying to refrain from commenting on one particular thing because there was so much to comment on, but oh my god Lee dragging himself back with his TEETH.
7/14/2016 c12 Guest
Omg I loved this story... I hope you make a sequel where another leaf and sand pair have to do border duty... too funny and sweet!
7/14/2016 c9 Guest
Akamaru the illegal alien omg omg
7/14/2016 c7 Guest
Screaming with laughter... your descriptions are spot on... the running with arms flapping behind thing omg... And the subtle mention of Lee s continuing training lololol
6/28/2016 c12 Guest
Hilarious and I think you might be slightly crazy... In a good way. Thanks for this story
6/26/2016 c12 3IroncladChanning
Oh man, this fic is halarious.
6/18/2016 c3 GBTM
Neji doing air guitar lol XD
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