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6/19/2010 c7 27Nylah
ecto-fudge maker! lol.

I actually think you're right about Danny's parents wanting to 'cure' him after they find out what he is.

6/18/2010 c7 CrazyLittleQuack
omg! i have to admit, #6 and 3 were my favs with 10 being the runner up. keep up the good work
11/19/2009 c6 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.

Loved the Ghost T-Rex one.
10/12/2009 c6 10Willowed Moon
love number 6 and 10! :)
10/12/2009 c2 Willowed Moon
hahah. actually i think its really deep, and i can actually see some points to it. (i know, wtf right?) but i think its realy smart
10/12/2009 c1 Willowed Moon
i liked it. it wasnt as depresing as others i've read

good thing to, i dont like it when he losses his humanity. you did better with this concept than most :)
10/12/2009 c6 49Cordria
Always interesting! :) I loved the short little drabbles.

Keep up the awesome work.

7/2/2009 c5 Cordria
Hey, these are really interesting! :)

I love the introspective pieces, you've really put a lot of thought into all of this. But I really like these memes. They're great little bits!

6/19/2009 c5 35Kirby77DP77
I really like your ideas here, but it's extremly hard to transition number to number. It would be much nicer if every number was in chapters... Otherwise I really liked it.

6/17/2009 c5 Martel
These ones had less drama and angst than the previous ones, but they were beautiful.
6/17/2009 c4 Martel
This is your best chapter so far (I haven't read the rest yet!). Each of the mini-stories was special and full of emotion. That is awesome.
6/17/2009 c5 77Danny Phantom SG-1
"...he was glad that, at least for the moment, fate had decided to give him a happy ending." AW! I loved that. You are GOOD with these succinct, one-liner things. I loved all of these ones-humorous, yet sentimental at the same time.

Hm, let's do this "mini-review-style:"

Number one: Hilarious. I love in-character Sam; I can never manage to keep her in character, so applause for you.

Number two: Eh, not my favorite, but an interesting take on the GiW.

Number three: I like this one lots. Poor Danny.

Number four: D'aw, that was so adorable. Danny's a baby-sitter...though I don't quite understand the desire to spy on Mr. Lancer. He's an awesome character and all, but...really, there are more interesting people.

Number five: Whoa. Heavy stuff. This one's probably my favorite-so much potential angst and guilt.

Number six: Aw, poor Tucker. I feel for the poor lad.

Number seven: Haha, Clockwork helped Churchill and Washington. For some reason, this amuses me. I wonder who else he helped...?

Number eight: Aw, DannyxSam goodness. He's so adorably clueless.

Number nine: Ack, Danny. Stop bashing yourself! It's nice and noble of you, but honestly...if I was your friend, I'd feel pretty dang safe. He's got a slight point, but I think he's being too hard on himself here.

Number ten: I. Love. That. Last. Line. Just saying. I usually don't like happy endings, but that just yanked me right into the trap. Nicely done.

Okay, I officially love these. Please do more! My first story on favorite or alert in...well, a very long time. :D

6/17/2009 c4 Danny Phantom SG-1
Aw, I liked this! Especially considering I have an unnaturally short attention span, the little snippets for each word were definitely appreciated. :D Despite their brief length, however, they are all powerful, and the ones based on Danny hit me especially hard...and I mean that in a good way.

My favorites were definitely numbers six and nine. In six, the part about him crying on the roof with Jazz just made my heart melt. It made me feel so terribly for Danny, yet love Jazz at the same time. A heartfelt moment indeed. And with him giving up his NASA dream in number nine...geez. Talk about sacrifice for Danny. I'd always wanted to write some fic based on that, but there's not enough substance to it to create something too complex. I believe your three short paragraphs dealt with it brilliantly and did the subject justice. Fantastic job.

6/17/2009 c3 Danny Phantom SG-1
Aw, that's so sweet in a creepy sort of way. Weird for Danny-his parents die, but he still sees them all the time. Haha, it's kind of funny, actually. :D Poor Maddie, though, feeling incompetent...though I suppose it fits; they really should have figured it out a long time ago. Danny's superhero disguise is NOT the most elaborate. If either of his parents had the potential to find out his secret on their own, I would have placed my bet on Maddie. It's sort of a letdown that she never did...but then this isn't totally canon, so I don't know why I'm even complaining about this to you.

I liked the second paragraph a lot-really deep thoughts about the hunter becoming the hunted. For some reason, that had never crossed my mind as something they would think about as ghost hunters. Maybe that's just because I don't pay hardly any attention to Jack and Madie, though. Huh. I like that you've actually got me thinking now. :D

And the image of Danny helping his little children with ghost powers is amazingly adorable.

Nice angst, though I prefer Danny angst to Maddie angst. This'll do. :)

6/17/2009 c2 Danny Phantom SG-1
Interesting. Haha, Danny sounds a bit self-absorbed to me (-I- understand the best because -I- am special), but it can't be helped, I suppose. I can't think of any other way to get the point across without having it be in third person...maybe that would've helped, but then the inside-perspective on the way both humans and ghosts work would have been lost...yeah, nevermind. Ignore my rambling. It was good.

So, then, what IS the ghosts' moral code? They don't understand the value of life, so what DO they cherish? Just fun stuff and their daily, trivial activites? Hm, I'll have to think on that.

I like the line, "I have tasted immortality; I also know what it's like to laugh in the face of death, and know it can never touch you." Powerful stuff, there, Danny. Quite the philosopher. ;)

Anyway, the only grammatical problem was in the first paragraph with, "those ethics are too different then our own" which should read "than our own" as a comparison. But not bad for writing it in half an hour. Geez, if only I could get myself to be that diligent.

Nice little drabble. I'm enjoying these.

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