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for Dead, no Alive

6/13/2008 c4 9The Chibi Vampire

Good beginnig,but couldnt finish cause i G2G! BYE!

(update! XD)
5/17/2008 c3 The Chibi Vampire
woah...like woah...XD

awesome chapters seriously! yay lacus and cagalli

but one comment, u wrote a sentence when Lacus was speaking and said Mia was her cousin, but isnt she cagallis?
5/3/2008 c2 The Chibi Vampire
um...its not a wig, she died her hair

oh well

good story

4/19/2008 c1 21Zero H Gundam
Your story has a lot of potential I look forward to a new update.

this story can have many possible add-ons.

1. You could find a way to bring Heero there he could be frozen? And his Gundam could be there as well.

2. You could add more personalities to her?

3. You could make her a mobile suit pilot?

In the list goes on and on.

But anyway it's a good story keep it up.
4/13/2008 c1 9The Chibi Vampire
sad, confusing, though i liked it...a lot!

u get to see another side of meer, her truer side, her deeper side.

i really love this fic, and how u got to show the world that durrandal and meers intentions are true, but who they are trying to gain them arent.

i dont think this is the end so if it isnt (too lazy to check...), plz continue!

(one of my faves now...)

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