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8/3 c48 In4aPennyn4alb
I hope you finish this story. its really interesting. timeline is a little off but good story
5/10 c48 1jumpingaces
love this story! update?
4/28 c48 2GGRoganTroryCory2017AYITL
haa haaa I love how you keep mentioned when the baby is moving around that he is doing a happy dance. I can't wait to see what you come up with next when you have time to update this again
4/19 c48 1lysen5972
Thanks for sharing this story. I think you’ve got some great inspiration and an interesting plot. There are sometimes where it seams like you may have edited out a piece of information or changed the plot line leaving some gaps or repetitions but overall you’ve created an original take with some great characters. I look forward to seeing more of the fall out and the wedding hopefully. Thanks for sharing
4/19 c31 lysen5972
I’ve just started reading your fic. I like the premise and the setting. I’ll probably post a longer revert when i reach the most recent chapter. I just wanted to check if i was missing a chapter or a passage because Rory mentions a fight to her mom but i can’t see it in either of these chapters. Thanks for sharing
3/28 c2 atchleykera38
3/28 c1 atchleykera38
3/25 c48 RoyalsRulez
I just reread this and, Ummm, I thought Chris left...and how - when did his father get there? Also Lauren should meet Paris and Stephanie. LOL
3/25 c1 Guest005
Ummm this first chapter ending...
3/12 c48 In4aPennyn4alb
Confusing timeline. but cute story
3/2 c48 bseriel
Time line is kind confusing but great either way can’t wait to read more from you
2/11 c47 olgaaznarez1
Omg, Please tell me that in one of these chapters somebody blows and she’s coat owner of the company once she gets married and just sitting side-by-side in each others desk or office space and they fired the fuck out of Lauren! Omg
2/8 c48 AceHuntzberger28
So happy your back! Yay!
2/7 c48 2December Jeffries2
I said it before and I will say it again, Lauren is jealous. She needs to move on and find a life of her own to live before she finds herself unemployed. Welcome back! I’m glad to see this fantastic story will not be abandoned.
2/7 c1 Kellybras
thanks for the update love the story
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