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for Abby's Secret Life

6/27/2021 c9 Tina
Liked the story but would have liked to read what would have happened after they got back to Gibbs place.I hope there’s more of this story to come.
9/8/2015 c8 jenninemarie
Please finish, love it
4/11/2015 c9 jenninemarie
Wish you would finish
8/4/2011 c9 4Nicky Reid
awww man, and I thought this piece was complete (sad face)

can't wait for more chapters :)
5/28/2011 c9 2xcharXroseX
love the story xx :D xx
1/5/2011 c9 3toxic petals
You have GOT to be kidding me! I'm definately not one to talk (as I hardly ever update my stories), but that is just plain cruel! Please, please, PLEASE update. Just tell me you're not abandoning this fic. PLEASE! It's amazing (and not just because of the sexiness).
2/14/2010 c9 soccergirl121
aw... i'm glad abby found someone she could be with and a lot of friends who accept her for her.

11/16/2009 c9 84PT21
Ack! Tell me you're writing more to this! PLEASE!

Great story telling, but dang it girl, what a crummy place to stop, you tease!

Have I got to beg, Hmm?

10/21/2009 c9 5Hotgirlow
update soon it's great.
10/17/2009 c8 deidi
hey! cant wait for more!
10/12/2009 c9 11Forensic Girl554

That was a really good story!

i luved it

keep writing

6/30/2009 c9 1AllSaintsAngel
awesome! I loved it. You really know the characters well!
5/23/2009 c9 Going back to real life
Please tell me you are continuing this story.
5/2/2009 c9 5GAbbyIsLove
Wow! This Is Stunning!

I LOVE this story so much!

I love how Abby danced in the Cell Block Tango rendition!

Abby really knows how to seduce Gibbs by doing things to his hand!

I loved that!

Great job! Please update soon!
5/1/2009 c4 37raven612
w00t! I love this all so far! I just started reading it, but i have to head to work now, I will continue reading once I get off though! This story is amazing and so cute! You're doing a fantastic job and I can't wait to read more! Will review again once I read the rest of your chappies!
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