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for There Will Be Blood

10/21/2009 c16 6nr 25 peter
This story was fantastic. the best with vampires i've read.
10/21/2009 c16 5jkrust78
Rufus is like Cowbell...we can always use more of it!
10/21/2009 c16 JCS1966
Ha-Haa! That was sweet! Rufus deserves more love in these stories.

Great epilogue. Ready for what's next!
10/21/2009 c16 56MrDrP
Nice way to end the story and oh so believable - this is yet one more thing at which Rufus would excel!
10/21/2009 c15 MrDrP
I'm not sure how I missed this chapter when it was posted, so let me begin by saying, "my bad."

You, of course, need not say this with this concluding chapter of a great story. As always, it was the little touches that made the story shine: Ron's talking to the bats, the proposed fate for Yono the Not So Destroyer.

My favorite part of this chapter, in a story filled with humorous highlights, was Will Du's after action report. As I read that, I smiled, then I laughed out loud. It was so Will and it was so bureaucratic. Very nicely done.

Thanks again for a great story.
10/21/2009 c15 166whitem
Very good ending... Somehow I missed the previous chapter, so I had to go back another as a refresher... Sorry 'bout that.

Once again there's way too many good things I liked to list, so I'll just say that I really really liked this story. Still quite an interesting take on vampires though.

Now I am *SO* looking forward to the next chap of "KP: The End" (whenever you get to it)
10/21/2009 c16 1bigherb81
Nice one was kinda wondering what was going on with the little guy, but you figure it is easy for him to get lost in the shuffle sometimes. Also it's nice to see the goofy fun loving side of the more stoic characters sometimes.
10/20/2009 c16 Cylon One
My rating for whole thing: Amazing! Marvelous! Stupendous! Colossal! Tremendous! Gigantic! Astounding! Unbelievable! Spectacular! Phenomenal! And it's good, too.
10/20/2009 c16 Katsumara
Hahaha. That was an added surprise! This was just too cute. The most bon-diggidy dancer, eh? Looks like she picked up some Ron-lingo.
10/20/2009 c16 1neithan
A most bon-diggity ending! Love the extra Rufus!
10/13/2009 c15 3bthecatslayer
As always, great job. As always I love the love shown, both the familial, and that shown between friends and lovers.

You manage to show both types of love without being soppy.

Also, I LOL'd the Pratchett reference.
10/12/2009 c15 1neithan
It's done, and I've enjoyed the ride!

I really liked the "skinned knees" moment, because that is probably my favorite one of your "short stories"!

Yoko flinging poo was also a great touch!

One question...what is the subsidized calendar? It sounds like something Will would use though...bureacratic!

I'm going to have to go back and re-read the whole story through, start to finish. A lot of the names I couldn't place right away, (I've always had trouble with Oriental names), and it caused the story to "stutter" a little for me. All in all though, I liked it!
10/7/2009 c15 2Shrike176
Good to see how things get wrapped up. While I don't agree think Kim's decision to risk her life to save the lives of dangerous aliens who wouldn't hesitate to kill her and would almost certainly escape from any prison to endanger the world again; it was a funnier solution to have them bitten by the vampires.

I'll have to check out the anime series that inspired this. Nice to see this secret bring Kim and Ron closer.

Happy to finally get the happy ending. Any plans to go back to one of your other stories?

Keep it up!
10/7/2009 c15 JCS1966
Man, what a night...

Ron managed to take the Lowardians down again, this time wuth help. I do have doubts about Anju and Karin's plan; who's to say Warhok and Warmonga may regain those memories somewhere down the road? I guess that's a question for another time.

Oh, how I would have loved to see Du-Rag's reaction to meeting the Markers as they REALLY are. It would have made my day...alas, after reading his report, it wasn't meant to be...

Elda needs to watch her attitude and mouth after seeing the Monkey Master in action. Making threats is not a good way to maintain "bearable" relations between the species.

And Kim's night ends with bonding with new friends and more importantly, asleep in Ron's arms, secure in the knowledge that all his secrets are now hers as well.

Nice way to end this , Molloy. Hope you come back soon with more stories!
10/7/2009 c15 15screaming phoenix
It's always good to see Ron stepping up when he has to. Your interpretation of how his MMP works looks like it came straight from the show.

That was an inspired suggestion by Karin and Anju.

Du is still Du; what else can I say?

Elda is still the very example of grace and calm under pressure. I don't think she thought out her threats to Kim very carefully. After all Kim has a Monkey Master in her corner, devoted to her and has taken out two aliens(twice) when nobody else could. Elda really should keep that in mind.

Talk about a backhanded complement she's 'bearable'? And her son is moved by her tolerance? Wow!

I loved how you got around to explaining all the inside information to Kim(and us) doing something as simple as washing dishes.

There were lots of revelations here for Kim to ponder and understand. The one constant has been and always will be Ron and his feelings for her. It was comforting to see her end this adventure in the safest place possible; in her BFBF's arms. Surrounded by new friends and new perspectives, and secure in the knowledge that her boyfriends' secrets are now hers to keep as well.

That a great way to end a fantastic tale. I hope for more from you in the future!
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