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10/7/2009 c15 5jkrust78
Yay! It's finally finished! This was the first story I ever read on here, so I've been waiting paitienly for the end of it. Kim's arch-enemies all showing up at once in the restaurant to torment her was a riot! Having her dress up in a skimpy uniform and have to serve them was even funnier. Then of course the chaos from the Lowardians coming back to invade earth provided for some good action, and of course Ron used the MMP to save Kim again. I'll admit I know nothing about Chibi-vampire, but you're obiviously familiar with the series so I learned quite alot about the characters from your story. I've been to Japan as well, so it was cool to read a story set in Tokyo. As with your other stories I was very entertained. Good work on keeping with it for all this time!
10/7/2009 c15 Katsumara
-Wipes a tear from his eye.- Well I knew it had to end sometime, but it still doesn't take away the sadness that I feel while knowing that it's over. It seems like just yesterday I started reading this, yet here we are at the end. I know one thing; I'm going to miss this story a lot.

First off, Molloy, I must commend you for sticking with this wonderful tale of awesomeness. I think the character development that the characters experienced throughout is just so amazing. I loved pretty much everything about it. From the end of the battle with the Lowardians, to the resolution of the whole alien thing, to the end with Kim, Ron, and the rest of the Marker family. I loved it. The last conversation Kim had with Elda was just too hilarious. The random, casual thought about how her now dead husband would have been if he knew a human shared his thoughts, and then her passing thought about the 'wonderful sex'.. it just had me laughing so hard. Kim was probably thinking "OH GOD MY EARS!" Haha.

I like how you portrayed Yono in this. Maaka/Karin wanting to keep Yono the notsomuch Destroyer was too cute. I also love how she and Kim bonded there toward the end as they handled the dissues. Usui-kun and Ron passing out from being dead tired seems so typical. Poor dudes.

Either way, with Kim's last thoughts.. she did go through a lot in this whole story, but the thought of her finally sharing a big secret and other secrets that Ron has.. well it certainly makes her feel a lot better. When you mentioned her doppelganger as well as Ron's and their son, I had to think back and reread, but then I remembered Sheila of the Leopard People and Zorpox. Or "Z" and "V" as Sheila put it, xD

Anyway, thank you *so* much for writing this, Molloy. I enjoyed it so very much, and honestly.. this was such an entertaining story. Thanks again! Keep up the wonderful work.
10/7/2009 c15 1bigherb81
Great job love the way you ended the story. Was looking forward to it and really nice one on Ron's smackdown very nicely written. Especially liked the knockout move that he used. Though one question left unanswered that I was a little curious about myself, but they went through a lot so understandably Karin was too tired to answer. Once again great story and I enjoyed it from begining to end. It also helped me to discover a pretty kick ass anime.
10/6/2009 c15 4CajunBear73
What a whack night at Julian's

And what a night Kim had and what will come from a secret that Ron had been trying to keep from her...

Nice little finish to this one.

9/30/2009 c14 6Ultimate Naco Topping
Whew! Finally caught up. And I must say:

Best. Fight. Ever.

That nervous knot in my gut? It's a good thing. And you know what else I'm digging? The humor. I mean, this has been funny every step of the way. And I think I know a thing or two about funny. A pants-less, blind Ron about to take on Lorwardians? I couldn't hope to have come up with that in a thousand years. A tip of the hat to you, sir.

Please feel free to finish this ASAP or send me an advanced copy (I know, I know... the pot calls the kettle...).
9/26/2009 c14 11Ardwolf
Truly a work of art. The characters on both sides are in character, the story is engrossing, and my only quibble is it isn't finished yet! :)

Well done!
8/21/2009 c14 25Bladed Darkness
Okay, I just finished reading the Karin manga, so imagine my surprise when I got FanFiction and find this crossover, and that it's written by you!

I must say, I'm really loving the characters. Everyone is very believably in character, and it's got plenty of comedy moments to offset the more serious times.
8/2/2009 c14 BlueEyedBrigadier
Gotta say, Molloy...while I haven't much of the episodes where the Lowardians featured, you've really fleshed out both their individual characters, the Lowardian culture, and just how universal romantic angst is if what we - the readers - have seen over the last few chapters ;D

This truly was an bon-diggity chapter and the plot twist that vampires take on aspects of their victims/meals' biology is an inspired one. Can't wait for chapter 15!
8/2/2009 c13 BlueEyedBrigadier
Wow...Karin's family - other than her Dad - really don't seem to be thrilled at Kim being a part of the fight, do they? Guess Kim's moves aren't quite as impressive as using bats as familiars or being able to rip through hardened metals with their bare hands, are they?


Still...mucho thrilling chappy you've got here, Molloy! Can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 14 :D
7/23/2009 c14 166whitem
For some reason I'm thinking Kim and Elda might form sort of a reluctant friendship.

I really like the interaction between Warhok and Warmonga. Funny, yet a bit disturbing.

Good fight scenes... But now we have a blinded Ron to save the day? This should prove to be quite interesting...

Oh... and wasn't there a time limit on how long Kim is affected by the vampire blood?

As always, looking forward to the next chapter...
7/22/2009 c14 15screaming phoenix
Was that a bit of feeling coming from the little vampire with the big ‘tude? Did Elda Marker just save Kim’s life there?

The comment about being with Shego and Bonnie was right on the mark there. Elda has enough guff in her system to make both Shego and Bonnie seem like sweethearts in comparison.

When I read theses action scenes, it reminds me of a Bruce Springsteen song. “One Step forward two steps back.” Every time it looks like they are gaining ground, it falls out from underneath them.

The bickering between Warholk and Warmonga was some of the best in the whole chapter. They act like an old married couple or like Kim and Ron do.

Well Ron has the Ron-factor going strong at the end hasn’t he?
7/22/2009 c14 2Shrike176
Interesting chapter. While it seems less likely the vampires will be removing Kim's memories at the end of this; though after everything Elda has put Kim through I think she might wish they would just give her the amnesia. :)

While I'm not familiar with the manga these vampires come from, they fit in reasonably well with Team Possible.

Keep it up!
7/22/2009 c14 1MyosotisTeal
I found this story completely by accident yesterday. And then read the entire thing in one sitting. Your ability to fuse together an American cartoon with a Japanese anime, and still keep all of the characters in character (especially considering how many you included) is, frankly, astonishing. And at the same time, you still preserve the mix of humor and action prevalent in both Kim Possible and Karin.

I really cannot find any anything wrong with your work. I am somewhat confused as to whether you are using the Karin anime or manga storyline, though you seem to be using elements from both versions. Either or, There Will Be Blood is one of, if not the, best and most believable crossover I have read on this site, and individually one of the best Kim Possible and Karin pieces as well. I am thrilled to see what will come up in the next chapter. Fantastic work.
7/22/2009 c14 JCS1966
This was one freaky battle scene. At least Kim and Elda could cooperate without killing each other, and the "old married couple's" bickering kept things from getting worse.

Mow Ron's finally made it. Don't know how much good he can do in his current condition, though.

Sometimes, I am glad I don't follow anime too often. I don't think I wanna know about the relationship between Ren and Elda...

Ready for the next installment!
7/22/2009 c14 56MrDrP
There's so much to like about this chapter - the swift-paced action, the skillful shifting among actors, the impressive array of Lorwardian words you've created and employed, and Ron's most-Ronnish entrance at the chapter's end. But what I liked most was the acid exchanges between those two old married aliens, Warhok and Warmonga. Very funny, and very credible. I'd love to see more.
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