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7/22/2009 c14 4CajunBear73
A very whack battle if I've ever seen one.

On one side was a 'spiked' Kim Possible with a very dysfunctional vampire family with the matriarch and an overly mothered grandson, on the other is a very old married pair of aliens.

Glad Warhok and Warmonga had their 'issues' as well as the interruptions from the battle or things could have gone south much earlier.

But Kim and her group overcame a bit of disdain the Grandmama had for humans and Kim while they managed to improvise with the heroine mixing the best of herself and Ron.

Interesting interlude Kim had while out earlier, wonder how that plays out later.

But for now, Ron put his foot, via his mouth, in it again and may now be a sitting duck to the Lowardians as the device once again starts its oxygen depletion.

'Bout time he showed up, but I wonder what a temporarily blinded Monkey Master can do...? Maybe his lack of sight won't be a problem for him if Kim's in danger.

7/22/2009 c14 1bigherb81
Man that was a pretty intense chapter I actually couldn't stop reading it. Especially loved that bit at the end no wonder Ron and Karin get along so well. Two overly kind people that aren't too sharp. Looking forward to the next installment. Great job on this one.
7/22/2009 c14 Katsumara
Hoorah! Glad to see an update on this. Absolutely love this story. The Vampire family galore is still awesome. Warhok and Warmonga *so* need to go flying into the air and crash into their own ship.

I loved Kim in this chapter. She was superspecialawesome. Her Karin's blood is just too cool. I absolutely love Anju's doll, Boogie-kun. Also, Ron's entrance was just priceless. Usui's answer to his question was one I'd expect, haha. Not a good time for Ron to stand out like that.

I can't wait for the next chapter. XD I want to see how Ron performs with his current issues he has so far. All I have to say is the Vampires and Kim sure do need the help right about now.
7/21/2009 c14 1neithan
And the Ronman comes through in the clutch! Booyah! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you wrap all these different ends up!
7/8/2009 c13 166whitem
Confusion and bewilderment... Yeah... That's what I'm going through now. At times my questions and concerns were answered, and yet at other times, they weren't. Myabe this is because I've never seen this other show you've crossed Kim Possible with here.

The one thing that continues to bug me, is that Kim STILL hasn't gotten the full story of what is going on with Karin! I've just never heard of Vampires described in this fashion before...

Guess I'll just have to read the next chapter when it's posted...
7/7/2009 c13 3bthecatslayer
great continuation, to a great story.

Love the love the characters show.

Keep up the great work.
7/6/2009 c4 8Joe Stoppinghem
You are really mean, you know that?

I'm just dieing to know what the secret or promise or whatever it is!

Thanks for the great story.
7/6/2009 c2 Joe Stoppinghem
Wow, I don't know if Ron is talking to Yori or not and who's the old lady and what is the secret!

I'm starting to wonder if the girl is Kenta's girlfriend.

Great story

7/6/2009 c1 Joe Stoppinghem
Nice setup.

I've noticed the story, but for some reason never got around to reading it.

Well here goes...

7/6/2009 c13 15screaming phoenix
Are all vampire families as dysfunctional as this one? I would love to see someone give Elda a good kick in the ego or a body part for that attitude of hers. All right, we get it, shut up already will you?

“We are not a disease!” Now that’s funny!

I think this may be the first interplanetary jinx I have ever read. Congratulations!

Kim has some admirers in the vamp world. It seems not all of them have the ‘tude that Elda has.

Love the fight scenes. They were pretty realistic. There were some moments that I could almost feel the blows as they were landing.

Now just are Ron and Kim planning? Do they know that the other one is getting ready to act? And will they get in each others way or will they give a brilliant demonstration of team work and shut down that old bitch’s carping?

Ok just why does Karin produce extra blood? What’s its purpose?

As always it’s a pleasure to reads your work!
7/6/2009 c13 Mack53B
Hi, I am enjoying this story, but I wanted to know if this is a crossover with vampire anime? If so, would you let me know the name of it. I really like how you enteract with the vampire family. Please continue. Thank you.
7/6/2009 c13 2Shrike176
Good chapter. Nicely handled action scenes, I enjoyed Kim getting a chance to talk with the vampires. I bet Kim is interested to know her fame precedes her even among supernatural creatures.

With everything thats happened, I wonder if the vampires will even bother trying to erase Wade and Kim's memories after the dust settles.

Looks like things are heating up for Team Possible and friends, look forward to the next chapter!
7/6/2009 c13 1bigherb81
Awsome work on the new chapter. Great job on the characters too your doing a great job of keeping them true to form even during the chaos happening around them. Also glad that Karin's dad made an appearance and is a fan. Looking forward to the next chapter to see if Ron goes blind monkey on them fools.
7/6/2009 c13 JLBShecky
AS many of the readers have so eloquently put, this is another wonderful chapter. I have enjoyed this story, along with your work in general, and since I recently decieded to go on a review spree of all the stories that I enjoy when they are updated, I thought I would finally get around to leaving you a review to show my appreciation for your entertaining me with your wonderful work.

As I said I enjoy the story, and the fight scenes were wonderfully choreographed in this chapter. I also enjoyed Karin's conversation with Wade, as I found it immensely entertaining.

Keep up the good work, even if it you don't do it for my own selfish reason of keeping me entertained.

7/6/2009 c13 4CajunBear73
Man is that ever a whack family or what?

Quite the battle here and the ebb and flow just rolls along.

Looks like Kim's about to be left out of the battle, just as she's about to learn something from the bite she received earlier.

Ron's still trying to make his way over to the two Lowardians and he figures on making sure those two go down. Still he has to convince his friends he can do it right now.

Kim and Ron have figured on a way to deal with the sitch, but there's resistance from her group, for now.

But I think all are about to find out the stakes have risen to a much higher level than they thought. Hope they can deal with it and stop it.

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