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4/5/2009 c27 Bammers
great story i hope you do finish i would like to see were it goes update soon please...
4/5/2009 c3 queenwanghu
omg...freaking awsome...i almost came when he sniffed her in the car..and this last much love and desire..omg i want a copy of edward...omg...

great story btw
3/30/2009 c27 MomofJan
I hope you'll be able to update soon. This is an interesting story.
3/19/2009 c27 T1nkerbell9598
I just came across this story yesterday and I have to say that I really love it. I can't wait for you to be able to update it when you can. I hope that your husband is doing well and that you are hanging in there as best as can be expected. Thanks, Jennifer
3/18/2009 c27 1twi-hard93
I would love to see a new chapter ...

i love this story

please hurry up i miss reading this
3/15/2009 c2 MeiraVoirdire
Dayum . . . this Edward is *hot*. The FAQ said something about him being 'naughty' once he could be, and I got a little nervous. However, reading that tiny inkling of it, and thinking of how you were noted for characterization, I'm Very excited to read this play out. And so I will endeavor to post something for every chapter, 'cause you deserve the review numbers.
3/14/2009 c1 2commasaywhat
You have no idea how long I have been trying to find a story between the Anita Blake Series and Twilight forever! I look for the mix cuz the Anita fixs always suck!

Thank you so much for writing this! Cant wait for the new book to come out.

3/7/2009 c27 2Cull3n-Black
Emmett is a great big brother, this chapter showed another side of him, i loved it.
3/6/2009 c26 Cull3n-Black
I like that quote, and yo fit it perfectly with this chapter.
3/6/2009 c25 Cull3n-Black
This was a great chapter, never knew what a henna was till i read this chapter.
3/6/2009 c27 fairyflosscaitlyn
I love this story. You should try to update it =]
3/6/2009 c23 Cull3n-Black
I hope Bella doesn't become selfish and give herself to blood lust.
3/5/2009 c22 Cull3n-Black
That was awkward, i know I'd feel weird talking about sex with Carlisle.
3/5/2009 c21 Cull3n-Black
That was unexpected, Edward and Bella having sex while hunting. That's a unique power she has there.
3/5/2009 c20 Cull3n-Black
This chapter definitely made me wet.
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