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3/5/2009 c19 2Cull3n-Black
Wow she just got out of her transformation and wants sex. That's new.
3/5/2009 c18 Cull3n-Black
Wow, i can't believe Edward actually bit her while they were having sex. This story surprises me.
3/5/2009 c17 Cull3n-Black
I hate how Bella was mad at Edward, I'm glad they made up
3/5/2009 c16 Cull3n-Black
I like Bella's new car, but i always thought she would just take Edward's vanquish once she was changed.
3/5/2009 c15 Cull3n-Black
Wow Bella dropped a bombshell.
3/5/2009 c14 Cull3n-Black
This story is making me wet.
3/5/2009 c13 Cull3n-Black
I honestly didn't know weddings were that painful for the bride.
3/5/2009 c12 Cull3n-Black
Yeah, Bella didn't trip lol.
3/5/2009 c11 Cull3n-Black
I wonder if the Brazilian wax is really painful.
3/5/2009 c10 Cull3n-Black
This chapter was hot.
3/5/2009 c9 Cull3n-Black
That was a kick ass bachelorette party.
3/5/2009 c8 Cull3n-Black
I'm glad Rose's bitchy level toward Bella, has gone down a notch.
3/5/2009 c7 Cull3n-Black
I have an idea of what Edward does to Bella's prom picture.
3/5/2009 c6 Cull3n-Black
I'm glad this story won't be dwelling on Jacob much. I have nothing against him, but Bella really need to focus on her fiance.
3/5/2009 c5 Cull3n-Black
LOL, Bella's little outburst was hilarious.
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