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8/12/2008 c28 4DCCDchick
8/12/2008 c28 7RitaRitaMargarita
I just finished your fabulous story and I can't believe how many plotlines can result just from vampire sex! I love it; who knew sex could be such a (delicious) problem?

I'm looking forward to the next chap :)
8/11/2008 c15 Clary Redbird
absolutly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic!

i just read 'wedding night' and i cried! :)

it was so passionate and loving and deep.

ah...edward... ;P
8/11/2008 c28 edward-is-so-romantic
Please update soon!
8/9/2008 c28 dawntwilight000
Great story! Well written! Update soon!
8/8/2008 c28 MyLion.MyLamb
I love that side of Emmett, are as iit may be, I love it, but still love him for the goof-ball he is.
8/7/2008 c28 7jenniblu421
Sorry, I have been busy and couldn't read until now. It was very good! Update soon please!
8/7/2008 c28 3vampiric.princess
Ooh wow! Loved. It.
8/6/2008 c28 21muggleinlove

I'm back! I loved the chapter, Emmett is quite observant. And it makes total sense that Bella is pulling strength from Edward like the Anita books.

I'm here so if you need to bounce ideas! You know where to find me!

Katie :)
8/6/2008 c28 3Debussy-This
Sigh. I do love Edward and Bella's relationship in this story. Its more complete, more adult. Its rounded. Life doesn't tie everything up in a neat bow. We have to fight for it.

“That’s what I’m here for, to keep sex in business.” *snicker*
8/6/2008 c28 3SpeakForTheTrees
More, more, more! Please. =D
8/5/2008 c28 frumpy-v
I loved Emmett and Bella bonding together, and Emmett explaining Rosalie's POV on things. Great chapter!
8/4/2008 c28 ninetailedkat
Great job as always. I liked you had Emmett giving sex tips for the ardeur. you know he is jealous he doesn't have it! Can't wait for more.
8/4/2008 c28 1twi-hard93
this story is great i love to read it

you are an amazing writer and i loved your work

8/3/2008 c28 devadasi7
just wanted to drop you some love and let you know that i am totally lovin this story. i think it's so much better than breaking dawn! it's much more believable!
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