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for Pomme De Sang

7/29/2008 c2 4TaylorxxTwihard
WOW! You're an amazing writer! I LOVE IT! -squeals- :D
7/29/2008 c27 8AnkouBlake
I liked this chapter. I agree with you that it was needed. I'm excited for the next chapter.
7/29/2008 c27 10jennipher
Sooner or later, Bella and Edward are gonna hafta put her knew toys to use and Bella's gonna hafta get that wax? Right? It just seems to me like what they'd doo. The plain ol' same sex will get boring (to us...not particulary to me!) to some people.

But I love this just how it is, though the above mentioned would be great too.

I'm a fan of L.K.H. myself. I read the Merry Gentry Series. I wana to read the Anita blake, I just can't find the first book!

I really love the way this is written. Ih ope you update soon!

7/29/2008 c27 smilelikeacullen
i like this chapter a lot! i can't wait for the next! i'm sorry about your husband,what branch is he in? thanks for updating i am sure that it takes a lot of time out of your day

i love your story, a lot a lot a lot! thanks for being an awesome author! love ya!

7/29/2008 c27 2Capricorn75
So glad to see the update! I hope everything goes as well as possible for your husband. I can't wait to see the scenes between Bella and Emmett. Even though I would be happy with nothing but chapter after chapter of Bella and Edward, I do like how you present her relationship with the other Cullens as well.
7/28/2008 c27 Danielle
I love this story. i only stumbled upon it about a week ago and i have been slowly progressing through it.

I get stuck in the story and stay up way to late.

i think its amazing!

please write more!
7/28/2008 c27 MyLion.MyLamb
That was a good chapter

Take all the time you need...

We'll be here,

7/28/2008 c27 12Tatarata
Beautiful chapter, 'the phrase is very good, too.
7/28/2008 c27 1smileon
It's cool the length of the chapter and the time you were gone. I probably wouldn't update if my husband was going off to "war" either. I hope he stays safe and sound for however long he's gone.

I'm glad Bella is feeling a little stronger and confident now that she can make her way through this. I think the chapter served it's purpose and was as always written very well. Post more whenever you can. :o)
7/28/2008 c27 3latuacantante18
Amazing story :)

im glad that your story is unique unlike some other fanfics out there.

please continue :]
7/28/2008 c27 XqueseraseraX
Wonderful story. This is my first time reading it, and I have to say that I've heard a lot about it. I'm not disappointed. I really do hope you'll update soon.
7/28/2008 c27 3Rhiannon Aurorafai
Amazing as always. That was so beautiful though. It's amazing how much devotion two people can show each other, even if they are fictional! Can't wait for the next chapter!

7/28/2008 c27 2xcupcake105x
This story is AMAZING!
7/28/2008 c27 3riseka
i'm so excited for more chapters! Welcome back and i hope your trip was exciting and restful lol!
7/28/2008 c27 Ashb
Great story! you definatly have a way of developing characters and still keeping the reader totally enthrawled. Thanks for this story
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