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1/20/2014 c1 Stephanie
I love your work I literally have a time in my scedual for your fanciest thank you please continue to post more Lois and Clark!
4/12/2008 c1 126AJeff
Aww...you're such a romantic. Good oneshot.
4/5/2008 c1 66bsloths
Aw, how sweet. I loved that line about being left behind and wondered how they were going to make it okay for Lois to fall for Clark...and you beat them to it! Great job.
4/4/2008 c1 Gabriela
i really liked this story and i hope u continue to write more

Lois and Clark stories
4/4/2008 c1 starksnstripes
that was an awesome fic! :D :P
4/4/2008 c1 5TaraLittle
That was great! :)
4/4/2008 c1 31JustSuperMione
Love it... I was wondering after I watched Siren how you'd handle the fall out from those scenes... And I've got to say you'd rocked my Clois loving world. The Clois interaction was fab...
4/4/2008 c1 d
ah! that was sweet! i loved it!
4/4/2008 c1 3thekiller00
That was a great post. Although I wonder what anniversary it was.

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