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9/6/2013 c14 carbo21
I put this on alert back in 2009. I think it's a pity you qhaven't updated as I've enjoyed reading it again. Life happens, but you ever get the urge, you sld continue!
9/5/2011 c1 1potterismycuz
Chapter 6:

It is not possible for funerals to be so late there in the first week I would know. Im weird like that. Oh and mwa ha ha ha I had to do that for far too long. Get an editor. You need it.
6/10/2009 c14 4David Fishwick
Please update soon as I am enjoying the story.
6/10/2009 c14 Avidreadr
So glad to get another chapter after so long. I understand the crazyness of Uni, though so it's all good. Glad to see you've returned and I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/10/2009 c14 9The Breeze
Interesting chapter. Luna and Hermione had strong, "recognizable" voices - i.e, we could know who their characters were - but the boy letters were a bit generic. Also, some spelling issues - "breath" instead of "breathe", stuff like that. All in all, a decent chapter, but having a second pair of eyes review it before posting might be a good thing.

A letter from Malfoy to his mum would have been very interesting indeed - hint, hint.

4/22/2009 c14 Gaffer67
Well, so far I am enjoying the story. Every once in a while as I sift through tons of garbage, I come across a gem.

Your keeping the story down to earth and as canon as you can. While some chapters could maybe been expounded a bit more, real life gets in the way of having the time to be creative. But keep at it, your writing is excellent. Keep it logical as you have been doing. Scotland Yard would not make an 18 year old head of the organization or any department, no matter what heroic deeds he has done.

Your sex scenes were sensual, without being pornographic. Good job on those. You highlighted the fact they are teenagers with no experience and fumbled around a lot.

Overall I give you an Outstanding. Will be looking forward to reading more as your able to post.

3/21/2009 c14 5Jeca123
very good, i never thought about the luna/george relationship but its actually very good, well done carry on :)
1/18/2009 c13 adfdsvn1
nice update though i was a little worried about what would happen for a second
1/17/2009 c13 1Zefrn
Great work! I love this story. Please update very soon and write longer chapters again!
1/16/2009 c13 4Gina Molly Potter
Love this story and it is great to see an update!
1/13/2009 c13 1Theo3983
george is lucky its not ginny or hermione. luna is a bit more understanding and patient. please dont be too hard on george next chap, hes had a bad time. nice story so far.
1/13/2009 c13 129Bunny1
Wow, great chapt! And, the line with Harry and Ron towards the end, classic! ;)
1/13/2009 c13 4David Fishwick
Awesome and please write more thanks.
1/13/2009 c13 Emma9
Good Chapter! I'm glad George has finally straightened some things out. Poor man!
1/12/2009 c12 129Bunny1
Okay, ADORING this story, and the last bit was HILLARIOUS! (Oliver Twist face) Please, sir, can we have some more?
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