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4/25 c10 hanzarilee
Aku berhenti membaca karna ichigo duda senntot
4/8/2012 c18 4teshichan
Hey there! I just read all chapters in 2 days. (couldn't help it)

I really like the story and how the au is somewhat related to the real bleach universe. Just thought i'd let you know :)

Do yiu plan on updating this anytime in the future? ;)
5/30/2011 c17 15xoxokiss210
i loved:)
9/27/2010 c18 xoxokiss210
i loved
12/2/2009 c18 13spacexbetweenxstars
I read this story a long time ago and I loved it then, and I can say that with out a doubt, I still do! Your an amazing writer and I can only hope that you update soon!
7/30/2009 c18 Hatake Tsughi
awesome story just started it, hope you finish it one day.
7/17/2009 c18 XxdaniXx
oh no! i need to know what happens next!

please update! this is a great story!
7/17/2009 c17 XxdaniXx
omg! rukia might be pregnant!

great chapter!
7/17/2009 c16 XxdaniXx
omg ! interesting chapter! on to the next!
7/17/2009 c15 XxdaniXx
OMG! 'I'm shocked for a lot of reasons right now!

things are getting interesting!

great chapter!
7/17/2009 c14 XxdaniXx
I LOVED the ending!

things are looking good!

this story is getting addicting!
7/17/2009 c13 XxdaniXx
great chapter!

wow the ending was so serious and sad...
7/17/2009 c12 XxdaniXx
Lol the last half of the story was funny!

awesome chapter!
7/16/2009 c11 XxdaniXx
this chapter was awesome!

i loved it.

things are becoming more clear now!

7/16/2009 c10 XxdaniXx
squeals! awesome chapter!
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