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4/8/2009 c1 2MidnyghtVampyrezz
Ah! I love TMM! So cute!
4/7/2009 c1 SAM
That was good.

I just wonder if you are planning to update. I'd really love to read the wholy story.
4/5/2009 c1 3alwaysalice
:) yay millie! i love it! :)) please finish it!
4/3/2009 c1 4Misto4Ever
I was also a part of a production of Millie at my school this year and it was a lot of fun, let me tell you.

I really liek this musical and I think there really should be more fics on here of it. Maybe I might write one...i dunno I'll think about it.

Anyways great job, can't wait to
3/30/2009 c1 3AccioInspirationAgain
hey! I love your story - I can't wait to read part 2!

We're doing this musical at school right now, and I absolutely love it! I was so excited to find your story on here, even if it is the only one in the Thoroughly Modern Millie category!

I think there needs to be some more TMM fanfics... I think I may have to try my hand at writing one :) probably won't be quite as cute as yours, though :)

keep on writing! great job!
3/23/2009 c1 23Princess Falling Star
I loved this play and the story. I was a production if it, I was Bun Fuu and Ching Ho's Mama
10/26/2008 c1 23broadwaybaby4205
Yay! A TMM fic! I loved this! :) You perfectly captured Jimmy's character and it was so sweet and awesome! Update soon please! :)

10/3/2008 c1 35RacRules
HAHAHA! I loved it! especially the ending. It was so cute.
7/30/2008 c1 4SwimminOceans17
Luv it, saw the play for the second time today. I just love it! Update or else!
4/14/2008 c1 10ForeverJulie
This is terrif! Please update soon I love Thoroughly Modern Millie. Although I must sadly admit that I've never seen the play I am in LOVE with the movie. You seem to be basing this off of the play according to the events here but I don't care. The characters are still the same, and spot on I must add, so I don't feel too out of the loop.
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