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for His Link to the Shadows

5/20/2008 c1 4Hinata'sBadSide
Good Girl!

Great description, plot and characters (even though they came from a game!).

You go girl!

I litreally sank my teeth into this BunnyLord (can i call you that?).

Keep on taking over the land, thats right.

Bite bite BIITE!

PS: All the best authors CANNOT do handstands :)

PSS: Thanks for the colosal cookies CookieFariy. They're cakes from 7th Heaven.
4/13/2008 c1 33FifthDayOfMay
SOmething makes me thingk that Dark was jsut fakeing being depressed so that Link would let him join him! LOL! That sneaky little bastard! XD This was really good, started off a little shaky but the ending was to die for! XD
4/12/2008 c1 14Jane Aileas
This was really good for a very first posting! Your descriptions of things are good, and, descriptive!

Also, just a thought, if you want to use stronger language, you might want to up the rating, K, I think, is meant to be safe for 5-year olds... Some parents consider hell to be a bad one and you don't want them to get mad at you (you could use heck instead)! Trust me, the last thing you want is an army of angry parents chasing you around...they can be scary!

Anyway, keep writing!

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