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for The Prince and His Dolphin

8/5/2008 c1 Stinky Horowitz
First impressions: I thought your title was a bit on the cheesy side, and it had a capitalization error. But your summary was well-written, your story sounded creative, and your username wasn't excessively cutesy. So I decided to read, and now I'm enjoying myself.
4/20/2008 c1 OrlandosLover2009
cute 1st chapt!
4/18/2008 c1 23tntfriday13
I hope you update soon! I have never heard of a story with this kind of idea before! ^ ^
4/14/2008 c1 5BlackDove-alchemist
This looks interesting. I like the way you write.
4/14/2008 c1 Zheraza
This seems very interesting, good start. I would like to see where this is going so hopefully next part comes soon ;)

The part where Kakashi "told" about his life and family was awesome! Just like I had imagined price's life being. And Iruka was all sweet and lovely while speaking with the dolphin... And I'm already hating those who live in Sand Village, terrible people there.

I don't know what kind of world this is but it seems little weard to me that Iruka thought Kakashi's & co clothes were odd but he still recognized hand-shaking. It's not big deal just thought I should mention :)

Hope you didn't fell asleep while reading this long comment ;)

Please continue soon.
4/13/2008 c1 Raiders-Requiem
"I'm very dangerous. I just don't feel like kicking you ass that's all."

I love that line *dies from awesomness*
4/13/2008 c1 bloodyhacker19
This is pretty good so far, please update soon.
4/13/2008 c1 1Ryu Earth
me like!
4/13/2008 c1 26jazzy2may
Very interesting. A good start. A good first chapter though I wish it had been a little longer. Look forward to the next chapter.
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