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4/19/2015 c2 J'onnAMartian
Oh my goodness! That was absolutely astonishing! I loved loved loved it! Quick question: when is the next chapter coming out? I'd really like to know!
7/16/2008 c2 2ShadowThief93
hm...good scene but i was a bit confused with the children

but hey, its 6 am and im tired

good story though :D
7/8/2008 c2 1angelofopera
Well you definately have my attention...sounds interesting...

Flash appears to be right on target with characterization...

I can't wait to see the relationship unfold between "the child" and J'onn... Also her name would be nice to know too lol
6/22/2008 c1 4Master of Sorrow
Great start, and good language.

Keep going!
6/21/2008 c1 2ShadowThief93
nice...please continue and i'll give you a batch of my "famous" cookies
6/7/2008 c1 39SwiftDragonfly
I think this is really good- it has a lot of potential and the writing itself is well done.

The only critique I have about it, especially since it's so short, is that you should probably switch the italics so that it's on the past events instead of the present(Or I think present since it's later on, anyway). Normally flashbacks are italicized and the present is in regular font.

Please update soon!
6/7/2008 c1 16Elementalist
Gotta say, that was really good.

I've never read a Justice League fanfiction in my entire life until now. And it wasn't that bad of an experience!

I do hope you continue. I'd love to see what lies in wait for this 'seemingly young girl' who I believe is Hana. [oh, I hope I'm not wrong! It'd kill!]

Update soon, love. And happy writing!

- Ele.

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